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Weekly Update – Jan. 10

“Do something beautiful for God. Do it with your life. Do it every day. Do it in your own way.

But do it!”

Saint Teresa of Calcutta


Thank you to all of our amazing students, staff, and families for all of your support as we switched to Remote Learning this week!!!

Virtual New Year Liturgy

We look forward to sharing our Virtual New Year Liturgy with all our families, taking place live on TEAMS, Tuesday, January 11 @1:30 p.m.  Please use this link to gain access:

Virtual New Year Liturgy

We look forward to having Father Paul (St. Gabriel Church) speak to us live as well!  Thank you to Mrs. Burke and Mr. Faiazza for organizing this special virtual school community gathering.

Advanced Kindergarten Registration

To register your child to begin Junior Kindergarten (Year 1) in September, 2022, your child must be four years old by December 31st, 2022. Children enrolled in Senior Kindergarten (Year 2) must be five years old by December 31st, 2022.

Please note: Children currently registered in the Year 1 Kindergarten program are not required to register for the Year 2 program.

For more information on HCDSB’s Kindergarten program and the advanced registration process, please visit:

We look forward to welcoming our new FDK friends in the Fall 2022!

Change to Learning Environment for Elementary Students – Request Form Now Open!

The online form to request a change to your child’s learning environment in elementary school (i.e. virtual or in-person) is now open. Please visit link for more information.

Change to Learning Environment

Please complete this form ONLY if you would like to make a change to the learning environment that your child was in prior to the Christmas break. If you want your child to remain in the same learning format they were in before the break, no further action is required. The online request form will be open from Wednesday, January 5th until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 14th

Blessings to all our families for continued good health!

St. Mark Staff

Pasceri, MariaWeekly Update – Jan. 10