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Weekly Update – Nov. 15

“Bullying is a relationship problem that requires relationship solutions”

Dr. Debra Pepler

Thank you for Completing your Child’s Daily School Screening!

Thank you to all parents / guardians for your continued efforts in completing your child’s Daily School Screening BEFORE students come to school / YMCA. Thank you for your continued cooperation in keeping everyone safe!

Any student or staff with signs/symptoms of COVID-19 MUST Stay at home / Self-isolate / Be referred for testing for COVID-19. 

Remembrance Day

Thank you for joining us virtually this past week in honouring those who have served Canada, past and present. Our Remembrance Day Service was very well received with a special message from Father Paul. Thank you to Mr. Schwarz’s / Mrs. Scozzaro’s Grade 6/7 Class who led us in prayer and Mrs. Burke & Mr. Faiazza for the technical set up and preparations. May God’s light shine upon us as we do the work of peacemakers for one another.

Thank you to all the families for your financial support to the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund, via CashOnline. We helped raise $450.00 and all donations will directly assist veterans needs and their dependents. Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support!

Foodbank Fridays!

Thank you to all our friends of St. Mark who donated non-perishable food items or made a donation to the Burlington Food Bank this past week. We collected 34 bags of food! Your generosity is always very much appreciated, as many families will benefit. Our next Food Bank Friday will be on December 10th.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week – Nov. 12 – 19

“Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12)

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week is November 12-19. St. Mark School will continue to focus on building positive relationships.  Every day, we are working toward making good choices with our words and our actions. Some of our messaging at school include:

  • Be a living example of Jesus.
  • Be kind every time!
  • Make the right choice the first time around.
  • Be positive with your words and actions.
  • Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

Every positive choice we make will create a positive school environment where bullying cannot flourish; only be eliminated! It takes every single one of us to make the difference in the culture of our school that we all want to see.

Bullying awareness and prevention are vital for maintaining a healthy, safe and inclusive learning environment, where all students feel accepted and have a strong sense of belonging.

This year the theme is Rebuild, Restore, Renew together. God tells us that he will Rebuild, Restore, and Renew places and people in our lives. Given what has happened over the past year and half many of us been affected by the current pandemic and other social justice issues happening around us. Our Daily announcements will include bullying awareness and prevention information, as well as a Daily Challenge for all our students to participate in.

Lockdown – November 16

As part of the Halton Catholic District School Board’s safe school protocols, each year our school must conduct 1 Lockdown Drill per term. These planned rehearsals are important in ensuring that staff and students are prepared in the event of a real emergency. This year, all drills will be practiced with physical distancing in mind. ONLY in the EVENT Of a real EMERGENCY will St. Mark, as all schools follow the preset Fire Plan / Emergency Plans of the school.

Please be advised that on Tuesday, November 16th, St. Mark will be practicing our First Term Lockdown Drill with our Community Officer Constable Freeland.

Family Virtual Literacy / Numeracy Night

We look forward to seeing our St. Mark Families next Thursday, November 18th starting at 6:30pm. Our Catholic School Council will share Literacy / Numeracy links with families throughout next week.

Masking Before and After School

Gentle reminder to our parents / guardians to wear a face mask during drop off and pickup times. As parents / guardians gather on school property, a 2-meter physical distance may not be possible. Please continue to do your part in avoiding the spread of COVID-19. Thank you!!

Dogs on School Property

Gentle reminder that dogs are not allowed on school property during school hours. Please refrain bringing your pet to school. We love our pets, however with a high number of students/ parents/ guardians on the property, we all need to feel safe.

Safety Presentations for Grade 6/7, 7/8, 8 Classes

On Friday, November 19, Constable Dawn Freeland – Halton Regional Police Elementary School Liaison Officer will be presenting about responsible online safety and etiquette, as well becoming a responsible citizen in our society. Constable Freeland’s presentations are part of ensuring St. Mark remains a safe, welcoming, and inclusive Catholic school community.

Reminder about Lunch and Snacks

Please ensure that your child/ren have their lunch / snacks and water bottle packed in the morning prior to the start of the school day. Thank you in advance!! If your child has permission to go home for lunch, please discourage them to go to local establishments or to a friend’s home.

Parent-Teacher Interview Communication

Progress Reports will be sent home on November 24th.  Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place virtually on the evening of November 25th and during the day on November 26th (Please note Nov. 26 is a PA DAY).  Interviews will be scheduled using an online scheduling program, similar to last year. Please refer to the email that was sent earlier today to have access to Interview Scheduling Link and information on how to schedule your interviews. Any parents / guardians who do not select a date / time, will be given a time by their child’s teacher. Your child’s teachers (Classroom / PTM / FSL / Arts) will make contact with you to confirm your time and give you information on how they will conduct the interview (Online / Phone Call).

Lunchbox Orders

This week’s Lunchbox Orders from “Harveys” will be delivered to St. Mark on Wednesday, November 17 at lunch. Gentle reminder that food orders are due Sunday by noon through SchoolCashOnline.

God’s blessings to each of our families for continued good health!

St. Mark Staff

Pasceri, MariaWeekly Update – Nov. 15