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Weekly Update – Oct. 11

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

John F. Kennedy

Thank you!

Thank you to all parents / guardians for your continued efforts in completing your child’s Daily School Screening BEFORE students come to school / YMCA. Thank you for your continued cooperation in keeping everyone safe!

Any student or staff with signs/symptoms of COVID-19 MUST Stay at home / Self-isolate / Be referred for testing for COVID-19. 

Thank you to Mrs. Nedelko’s Grade 4 / 5 Class for leading us in prayer for our Thanksgiving Liturgy, this past week. Thank you, Father Paul, for coming to St. Mark and providing a live homily to St. Mark’s School community.

Visit St. Mark’s Butterflyway Garden!

Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Burke’s Grade 3 science class and help from Butterflyway Ranger Heidi Hartmann, St. Mark’s is now the proud owner of an official Butterflyway Garden.  This garden has been specifically planted with native Ontario plants that are perfect for helping to feed the butterflies and bees.  The garden is located at the front of the school, near the bike racks.  St. Mark’s Butterflyway Garden will be registered in the Butterflyway Project – one of hundreds of pollinator gardens being planted across Canada. 

The Grade 3’s learned that pollinator numbers are declining in Canada and around the world and that planting native flowers specific for pollinators, is one small way everyone can make a big difference. Did you know, 35% of the crops our farmers grow depend on pollination?  It’s true!

What’s in the Butterflyway Garden?

The garden is full of plants that will bloom from Spring to Fall!  We have planted strawberries, New England Asters, Black Eyed Susans, Daisies, Prairie Daisies, Salvia, Bee Balm, Mountain Mint, Giant Hyssop and Echinacea.  We’ve also planted Milkweed seeds for Monarchs.  

What makes a Butterflyway Garden?

To be an official Butterflyway Garden, the garden must meet specific criteria to be an optimal source of food and shelter for pollinators.  It must include:

  • Native Ontario flowering plants
  • Flowering plants from Spring to Fall
  • Exposed ground (for ground pollinators)
  • No pesticides
  • A source of water (creek or dish of water)
  • Organic debris/wood piles for shelter (for pollinators overwinter)

If you’d like to build your own Butterflyway Garden in your front yard, feel free to contact Heidi Hartmann by email on how to get started. 

Reminder about Lunch and Snacks

Lunch drop off has been suspended until further notice. Please ensure that your child/ren have their lunch / snacks and water bottle packed in the morning prior to the start of the school day. Thank you in advance!! If your child has permission to go home for lunch, please discourage them to go to local establishments or to a friend’s home.

Halton Food for Thought – Healthy Snack Program

Snacks that were not used at end of last year have been distributed to all classes (expiration dates are good). More details to come regarding this year’s launch / start up.

Peace Train Student Recognition – Starting up Again!!

We look forward to celebrating and recognizing students actions aligned with Graduate Catholic Expectations, starting next week.  We will announce our student winners every Friday 😊

Lost and Found

Due to COVID precautions, we cannot use our “Lost and Found” bin. Parents are reminded to please clearly label all uniform items and jackets with your child’s name so that we can return clothes back to the rightful owner.

Appropriate Outdoor Wear

As Fall brings us a variety of weather conditions, including varying temperatures throughout the day it is important that students are dressed appropriately.

Parking Lot  / Kiss’n Ride Safety

Kindly use the parking lot if you need to exit the car to escort your child to the FDK gate / Schoolyard stairs, or if your child needs more time to exit your car. Kiss’n Ride should be reserved for a happy send-off and a quick and safe drop off.

ALL STUDENTS will continue to be directed to go to their classrooms everyday, upon drop off. Our supervision begins at 8:55 a.m. No student should be dropped off / arriving on the schoolyard before 8:55 for safety reasons!

St. Mark Catholic School Council NEWS

  1. Our first Council Virtual Meeting took place on Tuesday, October 5th.

2. Our 2021 St. Mark Major Fundraiser will be done using the HCDSB School Cash Online program, due to ongoing COVID restrictions. 100% of proceeds (donations) will be directed to St. Mark Catholic School.  This year, we hope to raise $4000.00 for the purchases of more Electronic Devices (iPads / Chromebooks) as per Classroom “Wish Lists.  If you are interested in making a donation to our school please follow this link:

Donating is easy! Simply login to your School Cash Online Account:

At the top right-hand corner, click on “Make a Donation”

Under “Gift Information” area, please ensure you select St. Mark

A tax receipt will be emailed directly to you.

Any donation amount is welcome! Even the smallest donation makes a difference!! All donation amounts will receive a tax receipt and are confidential. While this HCDSB link is available all year long, we will be promoting our St. Mark fundraiser through monetary donations for the next 2 weeks (Oct. 8 – Oct. 22). THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT!

3. Hot Lunches are Starting Again – (LunchBox – Wednesdays / Pizza Day – Fridays)!  Look out for an email that was sent out on Thursday, October 7th, to all families for Volunteers. Please check your child’s backpack for your annual Declaration for all families who have a Police Check / Vulnerable Sector on file.

LunchBox (WEDNESDAYS) – Mrs. Erin O’Reilly will volunteer to run and deliver all prepackaged labeled lunches to all classes. Students will collect their lunch after hands are washed / sanitized. Thank you! No extra volunteers are required for this day.

Pizza Day (FRIDAYS) -This year we will need Parent Volunteers to help distribute pizza slices (from Mount Royal) to students. Students are not allowed to handle food this year. 7 Parent Volunteers are needed every Friday for 1 hour. Parents must have a Police Check with Vulnerable Sector / Updated Declaration. Volunteers must be double vaccinated / or must show a negative COVID test within 48 hours (at parent cost), before entering the building.

Friday Pizza Schedule will consist of:

11:45 – 2 Volunteers (Mrs. Pagliacci / Mrs. Wright) will organize pizza counts for each class.

12:10 (Junior / Intermediate Classes) + 12:40 (Primary Classes) 7 Volunteers deliver and distribute slices to students who ordered. Students will pick up pizza from Parent Volunteer after hands are washed/sanitized.

If you are interested in volunteering an hour / every Friday from 12:10 – 1:10 and have a Police Check with Vulnerable Sector on file / Updated Declaration, please call the Office at 905 336 3911. Volunteers must be double vaccinated / or must show a negative COVID test within 48 hours (at parent cost).

We will need to hear from Parent Volunteers by Wednesday, October 13. If we do not have enough volunteers to run Pizza Fridays, we will need to consider another plan.

Our goal will be to start Lunchbox on Wednesdays and Pizza Fridays during the week of November 1st. More information forthcoming for placing / purchasing food orders / pizza slices.


This is the season when all the earth seems to whisper a prayer…

Tree and leaf, field and sky.

Water, wind and air…

All creation thankful for the gift of life we share.

May an abundance of gratitude burst forth as you reflect upon what you have received.

May you gather around the table of your heart the ardent faithfulness, kindness and goodness of each person who is true to you.

May the harvest of your good actions bring forth plentiful fruit each day.

May your basket of blessings surprise you with its rich diversity of gifts and its opportunities for growth.

May you never forget the generous One, who loves you lavishly and unconditionally.

PA Day & Thanksgiving Day

Please note that Friday, October 8 is a Professional Activity Day. Therefore, there is no school for students. We would also like to inform our families that Monday October 11 is the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We wish all our families a blessed Thanksgiving.

Ms. Pasceri – Principal

PA Day – No School for our Students
Oct 8 all day
Thanksgiving Day – No School
Oct 11 all day
St. Mark Gr. 8 Confirmation – Reconciliation (GYM)
Oct 19 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
St. Mark Confirmation – Rehearsal for Confirmation (St. Gabriel Church)
Oct 22 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
St. Mark Confirmation
Oct 24 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
St. Mark Catholic School Council Virtual Meeting
Nov 2 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Pasceri, MariaWeekly Update – Oct. 11