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Weekly Update – June 28

Year End Blessing

Go now, my friends and know that the Spirit of Jesus will be watching over you.

Go now, and enjoy God’s summer gifts of warm sun, cooling waters and long, light days.

Go now, my friends, with the gift of faith, that you might see God’s hand in all your work and play.

Go now with the gift of hope, that you may know God’s guidance that is keeping you safe.

Go now with the gift of love that you might offer love and care to all you meet.

Go now, my friends, with these words of Jesus in your hearts: “I will not leave you alone; I am with you always”

Bless you and have a marvelous summer filled with family and quiet time with the Lord.

Congratulations Grade 8’s!

Our Grade 8 students celebrated their graduation from St. Mark School on Wednesday, June 23rd. A huge thank you to all our Intermediate Staff who helped organize and set up Virtual Liturgy / Award Ceremony and Drive By Curb- Side Celebration!

Check out the Burlington Post graduation digital flipbook, which includes St. Mark’s Graduate message…..CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


With the end of the school year upon us, we often have to say farewell to some of our staff. For this year, we would like to wish all the best to Mrs. Arnold (LTO Office Assistant), Mrs. Desjardins (Educational Assistant), Ms. Malatesta (LTO for Mrs. Lang), Mrs. Michael (Primary Team Member), Mrs. Park (Educational Assistant). Thank you for your tremendous commitment and dedication to all our students. We are going to miss each of YOU!! All the best at your new schools.

Congratulations to Mrs. Cassidy who officially announced her retirement this week. She is retiring on June 30th! We are so proud of you and thank you for all your years of service! We will miss you!

St. Gabriel Church Update

As you may be aware both Father Janusz and Father Jacek will be leaving St. Gabriel’s Parish, as their term has ended. St. Gabriel Parish looks forward to the new school year when St. Mark students, staff and parents could hopefully come to church and pray as a community, together in the house of God.

Please welcome Father Paul Patrick who will be beginning this upcoming week as Parish Priest.

Next Year Grade 3 / 8 Postponed Sacraments

Grade 3 First Reconciliation / Communion– Dates are being worked out with St. Gabriel Parish, for sometime in October, 2021. Once the dates are confirmed we will share the details with our Garde 3 families.

Grade 8 Confirmation –  The Diocese of Hamilton has confirmed Sunday, October 24, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m.

Next year’s Grade 2 and 7 Sacraments will be taking place in the new year 2022.  Dates TBD.

September 2021 Full Day Kindergarten Entry

Parent/Student interviews for all JK and new SK students will take place on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 and Wednesday, September 8, 2021. More information forthcoming to families, from our FDK Team.

Staggered entry for JK students will take place on Thursday, September 9, and Friday, September 10.  All JK students will attend Monday, September 13, 2021.

The first full day for Senior Kindergarten students will be Thursday, September 9, 2021.

June 28 and June 29 – Asynchronous Learning

Friendly reminder that on Monday June 28, and Tuesday June 29 students will be provided asynchronous learning opportunities as there will not be any synchronous classes. Therefore, there will be no live teaching sessions. Staff will be in the school to help with year-end tasks in preparation for the next school year.

June 28 – 29 Return of Technology / Textbooks / Library Books / School Resources

Families who have Textbooks / Library Books / School Resources (i.e. Math Manipulatives, mini white boards etc.) and borrowed technology for remote learning are asked to drop those items off at the school on Monday, June 28th between the hours of 9:10 AM – 3:40 PM or on Tuesday, June 29th between the hours of 9:10 AM – 2:10 p.m. Please return all parts – laptop /Chromebook / plug/ headset/ label with student name. Please DROP OFF at Front Doors. THANK YOU!!!

These last 2 days of school will be set aside for families to pick up student personal items at front doors (if not already done so). Any items not collected will be donated or discarded.

Last Day of School – Early Dismissal @ 2:10 pm

Tuesday, June 29th is the last day of school. Dismissal will be 90 minutes earlier.

Thank YOU!!

Thank you for everyone’s support -staff and families, as we conclude another fabulous year together for our students. We worked through a very hard year, appreciating each other’s assistance in establishing good routines, work habits and tenacity right to the end……leading us to a strong finish!!!  

Enjoy your summer break, keep safe and we will see everyone back on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021!

Blessings to continued good health!

St. Mark Staff

June 28 – 29 Return of Technology / Textbooks / Library Books / School Resources
Jun 28 all day
Last Day of School – Early Dismissal @2:10 p.m.
Jun 29 all day
Staggered Entry – Only Students in Gr. 1– 8 with Surnames beginning with A-K will come to school. 
Sep 7 all day
Pasceri, MariaWeekly Update – June 28