At St. Luke Catholic Elementary School, we take great pride in providing not only quality education, but quality Catholic education for our students. As a team, we are committed to reaching every student, ensuring that they are successful and reach their full potential. By ensuring we know our learners – their interests, abilities and needs, we can effectively plan for learning  opportunities where our students meet success. Collectively, we we set high expectations for our students and for ourselves as we work hard to support student achievement.

In our Catholic learning environment where we wish to support the needs of the whole child, we provide a number of additional programs for our students. Please visit the ExtraCurricular section on our website.

SEAC Soundbytes

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) at the HCDSB consists of members nominated by the local community associations and approved by the Board.  The local associations have parent representatives who promote the interests and well-being of pupils with exceptional needs and abilities.  SEAC’s mandate is to make recommendations to the Board in respect of any matter affecting the establishment and development of Special Education programs and services for students of the Board with exceptional needs.  Each month, SEAC provides school communities with a Soundbyte – an article that helps to develop awareness for parents regarding pupils with exceptional needs and abilities.


SEAC Soundbyte – January 2017

SEAC Soundbyte – February 2017


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