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Our School Patron – St. Luke the Evangelist

Luke was born at Antioch, Syria. He was a Greek by birth and a physician by profession. It is believed he was a skillful painter too.

One of the earliest converts to the Faith, Luke became the missionary companion of St. Paul on part of his second and third journeys. He attended to Paul during his imprisonment in Caesarea and Rome. Paul refers to him as ‘the most dear physician‘ and ‘a fellow-laborer’. From Paul’s epistles, we learn that Luke was his faithful companion to the end. “Only Luke is with me.” (2 TIM. 4:11)

Luke wrote the third Gospel before the year 63 and is the only gentile Christian among the Gospel writers. He speaks of the priesthood of Christ, the great works of God in beginning his Church and about St. Paul’s actions and miracles which he witnessed.

St. Luke is the patron saint of artists and physicians. The Feast of St. Luke is October 18

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