About Our School Council

9th Annual HCCEF Evening with Bishop Crosby

The Catholic School Council is the official advisory body to the school’s principal. Their respective duties include:

  • Developing, recommending and promoting activities which will enhance the quality of school programs
  • Improve the levels of student achievement
  • Enhance the accountability of the education system to parents

Elections, if required, are held each September. The Council is comprised of elected and appointed representatives of the school community. Meetings will be held virtually until further notice. Dates will be posted in the monthly school calendar.

I-23 Catholic School Councils and Catholic Parent Involvement Committee

St. Luke Catholic School Council 2020 – 2021

It is with pleasure that we welcome our 2020-2021 Council Members!

Gerry Bergin 
Andrea Carvalho 
Boris Cindric 
Tina Forte 
Ciara De Jong 
Cathy Duncan 
Peter Sadek 
Richard Selwyn 
Sawsan Selwyn 
Jackie Thorn 
Jill PomirkoTeaching Representative
Julian MillerNon-Teaching Representative
Emi BakaicPrincipal
HCDSB AdministratorAbout Our School Council