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Week-at-a-Glance November 15-19

Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week is November 15-19. The HCDSB will join school boards around the province in enhancing awareness and understanding of bullying, and the factors that contribute to safe, caring and inclusive schools.  This year’s theme is Restore, Rebuild, Renew. Throughout the week, staff and students will participate in various activities and events to support safe schools and encourage the fostering of positive school climates. There will be daily prayers, announcements and challenges! In addition, each of our students will create their own colourful link in a school-wide rainbow paper chain by writing what they can do to help prevent bullying or their own anti-bullying message. The result – a beautiful symbol of connectedness within diversity that will be displayed in our front foyer.


LUNCH TIME SUPERVISOR: St. Luke is in need of an additional lunch time supervisor. This paid position is Monday through Friday (Holidays and P.A. Days excepted) from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. If you might be interested and would like more details, please contact Mrs. Sofia Starr via email at or phone the school at 905-829-1700.

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: The holidays are quickly approaching and we know that families may be making plans to travel out of the country in the coming weeks. If you are making plans for international travel with your unvaccinated children, please make sure to keep up to date on the specific quarantine requirements your child(ren) will need to follow upon your return to Canada. At present, these requirements include not attending school or daycare for another 14 days once you have returned. Please continue to monitor the ‘Travel, Testing & Borders’ pages of the Government of Canada website to help inform your decision making.

PARKING LOT ETIQUETTE:  We continue to encourage parents/guardians with children in grade 6-8 to have their children walk to school or for parents/guardians to park on side streets (where permitted) and have their children walk from there to school. Consider this an easy way to incorporate a little more exercise! We know the parking lot gets very congested at beginning and end of the day and this is a considerate way to free up parking spots for parents/guardians with younger children who need assistance. We can all do our part to ensure the parking lot is safe for everyone! The less congested it is, the safer it will be.

PARKING LOT STAFF: Staff are posted at various spots to help the flow of traffic and to keep everyone safe. We thank parents for doing their part by ensuring they are showing patience, following parking lot rules and parking in designated parking spots, not in front of the school where the laneway needs to be free. We truly appreciate that everyone is busy and may have places to be, but drivers must drive slowly and cautiously and follow directions from staff on duty.

OUTDOOR MASKING AREA: Please help us to ensure that all parents/guardians/staff/students are wearing face masks when on the sidewalk at the side of the school. Physical distancing is not possible in this area at the beginning and end of the day. Once free of this congested area, please feel free to go maskless!

PET REMINDER: We love our pets, however parents/guardians must refrain from bringing dogs (or any other pet) on school property, especially at the beginning and end of the day. Having your child(ren) meet you on the Kingsway Dr. sidewalk in front of the school, or at the park behind school property is a simple solution that still allows a walk for your pup!

Together, when we are considerate of others and following school rules, we help to keep each other safe and provide positive modelling to our children. Thank you St. Luke Community!

Monday, November 15

  • DAILY COVID-19 SCREENING: Elementary students and staff are required to complete and PASS COVID-19 screenings EVERY morning prior to attending school using Ontario’s updated School Screening Tool.  Please Note: Children must stay home, even if symptoms are mild.
  • Intermediate Volleyball Tryout Forms Due: Grade 7 and 8 boys and girls interested in trying out for St. Luke volleyball teams must hand in their completed permission forms today.
  • Day 1 Girls Volleyball Tryouts: Grade 7 and 8 girls tryouts today at lunch
  • Grade 4 CCAT Testing: The Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT) is a reasoning assessment used to determine a student’s eligibility for admissions into a gifted program. Testing will occur during the first two periods of the day over 3 days. No preparation is required. Day 1 of testing is today.
  • Christmas Gift Card Drive: Information will be sent home today regarding our annual Christmas Gift Card drive!

Tuesday, November 16

  • Day 2 Girls Volleyball Tryouts: Grade 7 and 8 girls tryouts today at lunch

Wednesday, November 17

  • Day 1 Boys Volleyball Tryouts: Grade 7 and 8 boys tryouts today at lunch
  • Grade 7 Intramurals: Cancelled this week
  • Pizza Day

Thursday, November 18

  • Day 2 Boys Volleyball Tryouts: Grade 7 and 8 boys tryouts today at lunch
  • Grade 8 Intramurals: Cancelled this week
  • Grade 4 CCAT Testing: Day 2 of CCAT testing continues today during periods 1 & 2. No preparation is required.

Friday, November 19

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop: Grade 7 & 8 girls will have a virtual guest presenter during the lunch hour.
  • Grade 4 CCAT Testing: Day 3 (Final) of CCAT testing continues today during periods 1 & 2. No preparation is required.


Monday, November 22 – Students will bring home an orange form today with their parent/teacher interview times

Tuesday, November 23 – School Photo Retake Day

Wednesday, November 24 – Progress Reports Go Home

Thursday, November 25 – Parent/Teacher Virtual Interviews in the Evening

Friday, November 26 – P.A. Day – No School for Students: Parent/Teacher Virtual Interviews

Take care and stay well,

Annalise Sofia Starr (on behalf of S.t Luke CES)  

Rosati, KarlaWeek-at-a-Glance November 15-19