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October 2, 2017


 Meeting #1 of 2017-18 :    October 2, 2017 – 6:30 p.m.   


 Council Members :

Parent Representatives: Alison Agnew, Devon Arsenault*, Nancy Burke, Heather Canali, Myla Csaki, Arielle d’Entremont, Jill Douglas, Monica Galway, Maria Kalamias, Susanne Klimsick*, Sandra Lopes-Toste, Diane Mendoza, Bev Miller, William Ortwain*, Sylvia Patrikain*, Denny Robson*, Allan Singh

*were unable to attend

Community Representative:   Bev Miller

Parish Representative:   Myla Csaki

Teaching Representative:  Catlin Nolan

Non-Teaching Representatives: Kathleen LaSelva

YMCA – Devon Zmija

Note:  The chair for the first meeting is the school principal, M.C.Laforet.  Vice Principal – Blaine McCauley

Area of Concentration Topic Speaker/ Additional Information Action
Catholicity 1.1    OPENING PRAYER





C.S.C. Commissioning Ceremony


Appointment of Secretary  – 









All Introductions re who is on council

Secretary – Bev Miller Nominated   Arielle d”Entremont

Myla Csaki  Seconded


Co-Chairs – Bev Miller Nominated Sandra Lopes-Toste/Heather Canali

Myla Csaki Seconded





Kit Heather Canali

Sandra Lopes-Toste

  1.3  Review of  BY LAWS Kit Arielle, Myla, Heather, Monica will sit on the committee to develop by laws for St. Joseph School.  Kit will send out some samples to begin the process.



(All followed by questions and answers)

1.5.1  : Fundraising Plans for the 2017-2018 school year


1.5.2 :  Principal’s Report:  EQAO Results Letter(curriculum)



1.5 .3 :  Parents Reaching Out Grant 2016-2017 approved


1.5.4 :  2015-2016 St. Joseph C.S.C. Annual Report


1.5.5 :  St. Jospeh/C.S.C. Financial             Report 2017-18









Sandra Lopes-Toste



Sandra Lopes-Toste

Heather will chair the committee;  Kathleen will develop a schedule and send it to Allan and the DJ.

Reminder to keep lights on for Kinder; strollers can go into the gym; photos of your own children only

Kit will ensure all forms and information is out by Thursday

Letter for Community donations will be sent to all council members to secure prizes – Lacrosse, Leafs;  Raptos –

Movies and dinner for 4 are only some examples of donations we are looking for

Heather will have a committee for counting money, decorating and the general organization of the day.


We would like to thank Sandra for applying for our Parents Reaching Out Grant.

It was accepted and she is looking for a speaker re: positive assets


Financial has been placed in your binder


Old Business Open    
New Business 1.6.1 :  Catholic School Council Election Process

1.6.2 :  Roles & Responsibilities of Catholic School Council Members:

                   Council Member Declaration and Pledge Forms

1.6.3 :  Selection and Appointment              of Catholic School Council              Chair/Co-Chairs

1.6.4 :  Appointment of Community Representative

1.6.5 :  Catholic School Council Meetings for 2017-2018 minimum of 4 meetings)

1.6.6 :  C.S.Council Committee structures for the 2017-2018 school year: Community Building, Faith Formation, Education, Fundraising, School Grounds, Communication

1.6.7 :  An Evening with Bishop Crosby

1.6.8  parent engagement

1.6.9  Mindset in the Classroom


1.6.10 – Halloween Dance a thon


1.6.11 – activity to outline needs and wants for the school (if time permits)






























Declaration forms need to be given out next meeting



Meetings will be held on the First Monday of each month unless other wise stated.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 in the learning commons.


7th Annual Dinner With Bishop Crosby

Register online or print the Flyer/Registration Form from our website –


Proceeds support the HCCEF Student Guardian Program – helping HCDSB students in need.


 Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Le Dome Banquet Hall | 1173 North Service Road East | Oakville, ON


5:30pm Reception / Photo Opportunity with Bishop Crosby

6:30pm Dinner Served


$75 / ticket  |  $750 / table of 10  |  $900 / table sponsor (10 tickets + single ad + signage)

Can’t attend? Donate to help a Student in Need


Halloween – see above





Community and Parish



Kit Monthly dinners following 5:00 mass

Parish is looking for people who would like to minister with regard to the Children’s liturgy on Sunday morning.  Please contact the parish.



Trick or Treat on Mill and Main

Town Hall Centre:  A Handmade Heritage Sunday October 1 – 11-4

Christmas Market – November 18 11 am

Christmas Stocking Auction – December 3 – 1 pm



Closing Prayer






Next Meeting  

November 6, 2017   6:30







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