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Silence is Not an Option

A statement from our Director of Education, Pat Daly, on our commitment to creating safe, welcoming and inclusive school communities across HCDSB.

Like many of you, I was both saddened and outraged to learn of the situation in Minnesota last week that resulted in the death of George Floyd. 

We have all read the reports on social media in disbelief as the disturbing details began to emerge, and with heavy hearts we have watched the outcry that has resulted, not only in Minnesota, but around the world. 

Words fail us, and yet, now more than ever, silence is not an option. 

Events such as this are a sobering reminder of the tremendous responsibility we hold to one another. It is not enough to speak up today about racism elsewhere. We need to recognize that racism exists everywhere, even in our own communities – and we need to work together to put an end to it. As members of a Catholic faith community, we believe that we are all wonderfully made in the image and likeness of a God who created us and loves us unconditionally – just as we are. We are called to know, love and celebrate one another. And we are called to honour the inherent dignity in each other by treating one another with compassion and respect. 

We are committed to the work of equity in our district. We undertake this commitment by building welcoming and inclusive schools and creating culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy in our classrooms. We have made some progress, but our work is not done. 

To our students, families and staff – you have our commitment that we will keep doing all we can to ensure our Catholic schools are places where you feel a positive sense of belonging and know that you are valued, respected, accepted, and safe. 

We hold close in your thoughts and prayers all in our community who are suffering during this time. Let us be sources of peace, comfort and healing to one another as we work together to create a world that is free from all forms of racism, discrimination and hatred. 

Pat Daly 
Director of Education

Gligoric, JulianaSilence is Not an Option