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St. Joseph School Has a New Logo!

We are happy to announce the launch of an updated crest and school team logo for St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School that reflects our rich history and celebrates the unique identity of our school in the Region of Halton!

The original school logo featured the wordmark of our school name – in blue and orange. Our updated logo maintains our traditional school colours of blue and orange, but now through multiple shades of each, a blend of cool and warm. The 4 orange tones represent the warmth and welcoming attitude of our school and community. The blue tones represent strength, stability and trust. The contrasting warm and cool tones also represent our Canadian spirit (and climate)!

Our school team logo was also created to match the new look and colours of the new school crest.


St. Joseph (Acton) is confidently presented across our school crest, just above 3 important icons. The first icon represents the carpenter tools of St. Joseph, the centre icon is a cross, symbolic of our Catholic faith, and the fish icon represents “Lakers” – our school team name.

Natural elements of land, forest, sun, and water creatively blend together to form the background.

The water in the logo represents Fairy Lake which flows into the Credit River. The Bible often uses water, symbolic of faith, salvation, and provision.

We have also maintained our traditional roots through the pine trees featured in our school logo. Acton is part of the Esquesing Township, which was said to come from a First Nations word meaning “the land of the tall pines”.

As we pay tribute to our rich, cultural heritage evident in our new school logo, we look forward to celebrating our ongoing successes, while continuing the standard of excellence at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Acton!

Communications OfficerSt. Joseph School Has a New Logo!