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Week of October 18-22

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From the Pastor’s Desk…  

For the first time in many weeks, this weekend included only ordinary things. Weekend Masses, confessions, a wedding, but no celebrations of Confirmation or Baptism peppered throughout, wherever we can find room in the calendar. It was a welcomed opportunity for Fr. Patrick and I—and the volunteers who back us up—to catch our breath. September was an exhilarating month, and it’s a significant accomplishment to be up-to-date with Confirmations (the last of the certificates was mailed out yesterday). October will round things out by bringing countless now-Grade 3 students to the day of their First Communion on weekends as full as the last four. It’s also the month we’ve chosen to welcome, in a special way, the young people of our parish preparing to celebrate sacraments in the new year. We’ve invited all our candidates (more than 600 in total) to attend a weekend Mass of their choosing from Oct. 16 to Nov. 7. At each of these celebrations, we’ll offer a special blessing and give the worshipping community the chance to show them and their families a sign of their welcome in our midst. Will it add a minute or two to Mass? Sure. Will it get repetitive? Absolutely. These are the realities of a young and vibrant community, and they’re great ‘problems’ to have. It’s our obligation to hand on the Gospel, and to do so with joy and enthusiasm. Here’s an easy opportunity to do just that. Clap loudly and congratulate any candidates seated nearby! 

~ Father Allen Varlaki 

Don’t forget to complete your child’s daily self screening

All staff and students must continue to self-screen every day before attending school. Any individuals who are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as identified in the screening tool, must not attend school and should follow the guidance provided in the screening tool, which may include seeking appropriate medical attention as required, and/or getting tested for COVID-19. Please note that although proof of daily screening is no longer required by parents, we ask for you continued diligence in completing the screening daily.

Parents and guardians are asked to complete the COVID-19 School Screening Toolfor each child every day before leaving home for school:

Halloween Dance-a-Thon!

We will be hosting our annual Halloween Dance-a-thon on Friday, October 29th as our major fundraiser this year. Staff and students are invited to wear their costumes and we will be dancing in the gym in our classroom cohorts! As an incentive this year for students to gather pledges, we will continue offering raffle prizes.

DONATIONS: Any raffle prizes, little or small, regardless of monetary value are welcome for donation, please feel free to drop them off at the school office or send them into the school with your child. As always, student safety is our priority and no children should be soliciting door to door. Please refer to the information package below for more details.

Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations

We will continue to focus on the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations in our work with your children throughout this school year. Each month we will pay special attention to one expectation and how it is evidenced in our relationships with family and friends, in our St. John Paul II school community, and in the larger communities of Oakville and the world. Our focus for the month of October is on being ‘A Discerning Believer’. We will focus on the following ways that students can demonstrate this expectation and encourage you to be mindful of them at home as well.

St. Timothy Catholic Elementary School | Burlington, ON » October – A Discerning  Believer


  • I believe that God is an awesome God.
  • I believe and have faith in God.
  • I believe that God is always with us.
  • I believe that we can talk to God anytime and anywhere, through prayer.
  • I believe in the stories of the Bible.
  • I believe in the stories of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.
  • I believe in the Church community, celebrating Mass, and the seven sacraments.
  • I believe in forgiveness
  • Because I am a believer, I will live my life like Jesus.

The St. John Paul II Library Indigo Fundraiser is now here! 🎉🎈 📗

Effective immediately, all online Indigo gift cards purchased through our school FlipGive link below will give back up to 20% into our Library Learning Commons! Other purchases are options that give back up to 3%. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays and more…Indigo has something to put a smile on everybody’s face, even under a mask!  

It’s simple, save this link to make all purchases 

Click on the “Shop Now’ button and you will be able to complete your shopping trip. 

Save our school FlipGive link to make your purchases this entire school year so you can spend either online or in-person.   

Thank you for supporting the love of reading and learning! 


Mrs. L. Sousa 

Library Technician 

Grade 7 & 8 Wellness Ambassadors 

Our grade 7 and 8 School Wellness Ambassadors play a key role in establishing a positive emotional climate at St. John Paul II through various “wellness” initiatives throughout the school year. These initiatives include school clubs/groups, assemblies, school events, announcements, bulletin board ideas, and school-wide lessons and activities. These initiatives harness the power of positive student influence, reducing bullying and creating more awareness regarding mental health and well-being.  

Beginning on Monday October 18th, the Wellness Ambassadors will be adding to the daily announcements. They have decided to implement a “joke of the day” every Monday, a “fun fact of the day” every Wednesday, and a “kindness” quote every Friday to end each week off on a positive note!! Check-in with your child/children on these days to see what the joke, fun fact, and kindness quote was for that day! 

Promoting Well Being

Individuals and families have experienced the pandemic in unique and varied ways. For some, significant changes to daily routines, a sense of isolation and loss, and various other factors may have led to new or increased mental health concerns. Emotional and behavioral difficulties can arise at any time and can affect anyone. It is important to consider signs that could indicate that your child is struggling with an emerging or escalating mental health problem. Identifying problems early, and providing caring support, goes a long way towards prevention and/or worsening of difficulties.  For more information on how to better help/support your child/children, you can check out the resource created by School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO) at the link copied below.

Water Bottle Reminder

Please remember to send a reusable water to school with your child each day so they are able to stay hydrated and fill them as necessary at our water filling stations. We are trying to limit the about of cups we give out at the office as they create a mess and slipping hazard in the hallways when overfilling occurs or they spill in the classroom. Thank you!

Important Upcoming Dates

Angel Tree donations due today
Dec 3 all day
Christmas Pajama Day
Dec 3 all day
Intramurals at lunch (Fletcher/ Hoover/Mesich
Dec 3 all day
Pizza Day
Dec 6 all day
Boys volleyball game vs SJOA @ SJP after school
Dec 7 all day
Family Paint Night 6:30 pm
Dec 7 all day
Terra Cotta Cookie Day
Dec 7 all day
Girls volleyball game vs SJOA @ SJP after school
Dec 8 all day
Boys volleyball game vs St. Bernadette @ SJP after school
Dec 9 all day
Terra Cotta Cookie Day
Dec 9 all day
Christmas Sweater Day
Dec 10 all day
Advent Liturgy
Dec 13 all day

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