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Weekly Update September 28

“‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.”

~Alice Walker

Welcome to the last few days of September and the beginning of fall. I am thankful that we have the opportunity to celebrate the changing season together. Thank you for the generous donations for the Terry Fox foundation. We had a wonderful day walking and learning about the contributions and sacrifices Terry made to cancer research.

Orange Shirt Day:

In honour of HCDSB’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation through Indigenous Education staff and students will participate in ORANGE SHIRT day on Wednesday, September 30th. Orange shirts are worn as an acknowledgement of the residential school system in Canada, honouring those that survived, remembering those that did not, and recognizing the ongoing effects of intergenerational trauma. Orange Shirts are a visual reminder of our shared past as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada and provide an opportunity for dialogue. All students are permitted to be out of uniform tops on September 30th provided they are wearing orange in recognition of the day. Those that do not wish to participate will be expected to be in full uniform. Thank you for support in this important event.

Thank you to Mrs. Fisher’s grade 8 class that will be leading us through our first virtual liturgy in honour of Orange Shirt Day.

Use of electronics and cell phones:

Like all schools we try to instill in our students an understanding of both the benefits of electronics and the dangers that they pose. Digital citizenship and learning to be an effective contributor in the digital world are taught as part of our daily lessons and a component of our Catholic Graduate Expectations. At the beginning of the year we asked all parents and students to sign off on the following policy:

Students who bring personal electronic devices to school are to store them in a secure location. In order to maintain order and safety of our students, students are only permitted to use the their phone to contact parents and/or caregivers during the instructional day, with permission from the teacher. Devices are to be turned off during the school day, unless otherwise permitted for educational purposes and under the direction and supervision of a teacher. Any unauthorized use of photographic, video, audio or other electronic communication devices is strictly prohibited on all School Board property and during any school related event. The Board and St. John School does not accept any responsibility or liability for any items brought to school.

This means students are not to be:

  • Texting anyone for any reason during the day.
  • Are not to using social media for any reason during the day.
  • Are forbidden from taking any pictures on their devices, on school property.
  • Are only permitted devices when directly supervised by a teacher.

Any violation of this will result in a ban from devices at school. Thank you for your support.

Important Reminders:

  • Supervision at school does not begin until 8:15 AM. All students in grades 1-8 are expected to enter the playground masked and proceed directly to their cohort line. Caregivers are kindly asked to leave the gate area immediately to make room for others dropping off. Caregivers are asked to wear masks while dropping off and picking up to maximize safety on the playground when social distancing could be compromised.
  • At the end of the day students will be brought out by their teachers between 2:50 and 3PM. Caregivers are asked to stay at a safe distance (beside their car if they have driven) until you see you child. Teachers in grade 1-3 will dismiss students directly to caregivers when they are spotted. Students in grade 5 and up are encouraged to set up a meeting spot behind the school on Courtland to lessen the congestion in the parking lot.
  • Students who wish to leave school to go home for lunch must be released to a parent and they must administer the COVID self-assessment before returning to school (please see link below). Reminder that lunches etc are not to be dropped off during the school day and students are not permitted to visit outside vendors at lunch time.
  • Students biking or scooting to school are reminded that they are to dismount and walk when they enter school property for their safety and the safety of others. Those under 18 are required to wear helmets. Please see here for valuable biking information.
  • Please continue to use the COVID self-screening app  each day before sending your child to school. If you have any questions regarding the return to school protocol, please contact the office.

Have a wonderful week! Stay safe and be well. Remember to follow us on twitter @stjburlington to see all the amazing happenings at St. John. We will be using twitter to post student prayers, liturgies and announcements so that the community can be together virtually!

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