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Weekly Update September 14

“Intelligence plus character — that is the true goal of education.”

~Martin Luther King Jr.

Welcome to our first full week of school. Thank you to all for your kind words and encouragement last week as we began our staggered entry. You put your trust in us and we are ever so grateful! We welcomed lots of new friends this week across all grades and had some of our newest learners join us in JK. A reminder that all students in grade 1-8 are in the building as of Monday!

With everyone in the building there are important reminders listed below that will need to be followed to keep everyone safe and healthy!

  • Supervision begins at 8:15am. Students are not to be on school property before this time period. All students entering the playground are to go right to their designated cohort line and wait for the bell. We ask that students are wearing masks at this time to ensure the safety of all.
  • The kiss and ride will be operational beginning Monday. Please use this option if your child is old enough to exit a vehicle independently.
  • We ask that you avoid bringing pets onto school grounds. Although we love to see their furry faces, it often causes our students to congregate together to get a cuddle in. This negates our physical distancing rule. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Parents are asked to drop and immediately leave the gate area to avoid congestion.
  • After school parents are asked to wait at a distance. Teachers from grades 1-3 will identify you and signal you can come to the gate to pickup. Students in grade 5-8 are encouraged to set up a designated meet up spot for parent pickup on Courtland, directly behind the school. This will ease parking lot/ gate congestion.
  • Parents are asked to wear a mask while picking up in case physical distancing can’t be met.

Thank you for helping us establish these new routines in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Student absences:

All staff and students are required to do a COVID-19 Self- Assessment before entering the school. Please see here for the link.

If a child is experiencing COVID symptoms they are to stay home until:

  1. The have a COVID negative test.
  2. A medical doctor has cleared them.

Please note that sibling must stay home as well regardless of symptoms until cleared.

Please ensure that all absences are reported through the school messenger system. Please see here for more information.

Catholic School Council:

Last call for nominations for Catholic School Council. All nominations are due to the office by end of day on Monday, September 14th. Please email me at for a package if you are interested.

Lunch Protocol:

A gentle reminder that students are not to leave school property for lunch unless in the care of their parents. We are also limiting visitors in the building so parents will not be allowed to drop off lunches mid-day. We kindly ask that students come to school with all they will need for the day in the morning.

Back to School Forms:

We will be sending back to school forms home this this week. Further information will be forthcoming.

Medical Perils:

Please ensure the office is up to date on any life threatening medical perils for your child. Additional Epipens are stored in the office for life threatening emergencies.

Concussion Protocol:

Recent research shows that a concussion can have very serious implications on a child`s cognitive and physical abilities. Parents and guardians are reminded that a comprehensive protocol, based on current research and best practices, has been developed to help parents, students, and staff prevent, recognize, and respond to a concussion. More information, including a Parent Fact Sheet, can be found on the Board`s website at: Fact Sheet for Parents.pdf

Have a wonderful week! Stay safe and be well. Remember to follow us on twitter @stjburlington to see all the amazing happenings at St. John. We will be using twitter to post student prayers, liturgies and announcements so that the community can be together virtually!

Elementary PrincipalWeekly Update September 14