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Weekly Update May 25

“You may not always know the best way in the beginning, but if you keep trying, you’ll quickly learn to tell when you’re on track.”

~Melody Beattie

Welcome to the last week of May. It is certainly hard to believe that we are officially entering the last 5 weeks of school. I think I speak for all of us when I say I certainly did not envision the year we have had but I am grateful that we have made it this far and I leave it in God’s hands to take us the rest of the way!

I know that the announcement last week that schools will remain closed has left many questions. I can assure you that the board is working with the ministry of education, and the regional public health department to create a plan for families to access student belonging. I appreciate your patience in this matter and will communicate plans as soon as they are finalized.

Distance Learning Update:

As announced last week we continue to engage students in online platforms to finish the school year. As the weather becomes nicer and the days drag on we recognize that it is harder to engage students in learning but we would like to try. Teachers have been working hard to create new and engaging lessons, interactive features in their digital classes and beginning this week will offer some form of synchronous learning. This can take the form of a “live” lesson, a class meet and review, an online “live” chat to ask and answer questions in real time and phone calls. This information will be communicated through the digital portal and will provide some much needed “connections”. Please note that teachers will continue to deliver lessons through a variety of formats, including asynchronous learning in the form of prerecorded or created lessons.

As we begin to move into “real” time interaction please note that all expectations laid out in the school code of conduct apply to digital presence as well. Students are expected to be respectful of each other, the staff and themselves during all classes. I will kindly ask parents to not directly participate in the lessons to adhere to privacy of the individuals partaking in the lesson. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Halton Catholic Children’s Education Fund:

The HCCEF is a charitable organization that supports in need in our community. They have been a strong supporter of students at St. John in the past and are ready and willing to lend a hand, or a dollar, whenever called upon. The current health crisis has increased the need for this organization in our community but of course has limited their ability to run their regular fundraising initiatives to support the funding necessary to continue their work. This year they will be holding a “Virtual 24 hour Fast” On June 3rd and 4th. A number of St. John staff will be participating in the fast.

Fast from…. Food? Social Media? Something Else?

You Will Help Your Neighbours in Need 

Fasting will connect us to our neighbours who are in need – those who are forced to fast by their poverty.

Struggling HCDSB families need your help to purchase food and other basic necessities.

Our faith guides us to help our neighbors in need. “…whatever you do for the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you do for me…” Matthew 25:40

We are inviting members of the Halton community to join the “HCCEF 24 Hour Fast” to help raise much-needed funds for HCDSB Students & Families in Need.

We invite schools (students, staff & parents), parishes and other community groups/individuals to form a team, ask their friends and family to sponsor them, and help a GREAT cause.

If you would like to join our St. John Knights team or wish to donate to this very worthy cause pleased follow the link attached here.

Have a wonderful week! Stay safe and be well. Please continue to follow the guidelines of the Public Health Department to ensure we all stay healthy and well!

Elementary PrincipalWeekly Update May 25