Staff Directory

Please note that updates to this staff list for the 2017-2018 school year are currently underway. This list may be subject to change.


Ms. Viviana VaranoElementary Principal

Support Staff

Ms. Catina DicaroleiChild and Youth Counsellor
Mrs. Lynn HickeyElementary School Secretary
Ms. Erica RudkinLibrary Technician

Teaching Staff

Ms. Jillian PomirkoElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Mrs. Nadine BertrandElementary Teacher, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Ms. Deanna MonterElementary Teacher, French Second Language
Ms. Jane Macaulay SuttonElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Miss Joan SalvatoreElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Mr. Christopher PortoElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Mr. Jeremy PutninsElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Ms. Patricia KentElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Ms. Jennifer De MeoElementary Teacher, Grade 5/6
Mrs. Jessica CamaianiElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Mary PerinoLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 7
Ms Marta PassarelliLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 8
Ms. Julianna AlmeidaLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Kindergarten
Ms. Sara Da SilvaElementary Teacher, Teacher of the Arts
Mrs. Mary GesualeEducational Assistant, Special Education
Mrs. Donna HarringtonEducational Assistant, Temporary
Ms. Tonya Horoky-CooperEducational Assistant, Special Education
Mrs. Jennifer JohnstoneEducational Assistant, Special Education
Mrs. Ingrid KlitboEducational Assistant, Special Education
Ms. Clarissa LaunderEducational Assistant, Special Education
Mrs. Isabella LeporeDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Kathleen MedeirosEducational Assistant, Temporary
Jennifer PaulEducational Assistant, Temporary
Mr. Harry WallageEducational Assistant, Special Education
Mrs. Joanna ZasiewskiDesignated Early Childhood Educator

Custodial Staff

Mrs. Fatima Raposo
Mr. George Silveira
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