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Communication Bulletin #4

It’s what everyone groping around lost in the dark has to know; turn towards grace and you turn on all the lights. ~Ann Voskamp

Code of Conduct

This week we had the opportunity to meet “virtually” with our Primary, Junior, and Intermediate students to discuss our Student Code of Conduct.  We are so proud of our students.  Our conversations were interactive and emphasized the importance of everyone’s role and responsibility at St. Gregory the Great to ensure that we are all treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.  We are committed to providing an equitable and inclusive environment for our students and staff. We recognize that all people are created equal, in the image of God, each with unique characteristics deserving of dignity.

In accordance with the Church’s teachings, St. Gregory the Great School commits to provide, in all its operations, an inclusive educational environment that supports and enables diversity within our Catholic learning community.

Additional information regarding equity and inclusive education policies can be found on the board website.

Information about St. Gregory the Great Student Code of Conduct can be found here.

Lunch Protocols

For the health and safety of our students and school community, it is strongly recommended that all elementary students remain at school for the full duration of their lunch periods. Currently, there will be no organized school lunch days such as pizza day or LunchBox Orders.

As we are limiting visitors to our school, lunch drop offs will not be permitted during the school day. This includes vendors such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes, etc.

Parents and guardians are asked to provide their child(ren) with lunch in the morning before students enter the school building.

Considerations for Lunch Prep:

  • Lunches should be prepared as individual meals and snacks.
  • Sharing food items will not be permitted.
  • Reusable water bottles are encouraged.

Each student is required to bring their own drinking bottle to school that is labeled, kept with them during the day, and not shared with other students. All water fountains will be wrapped and/or made inoperable. Although bottle filling stations will be in use, students and staff are not advised to touch any filling station apparatus.

Need to Contact your Child’s teacher?

If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher an appointment is necessary. The classroom teachers’ first responsibility is the safety and teaching of the children during the regular school hours. Please leave a voice mail message for your child’s teacher and they will return your call in a timely manner ~ within 48 hours.

If you have a concern regarding your child, the first call needs to be directed to the classroom teacher. All our teachers have come to St. Gregory highly recommended and when it comes to your children, they are the ones best suited to listen to your concerns and determine the appropriate next steps. Please do them the courtesy of a phone call and/or meeting should a concern arise.

Rowan’s Law Day

In March of 2018, the Ontario government passed a law known as Rowan’s Law. Designed to protect amateur athletes, including students, and educate parents/guardians, coaches, teachers, and officials about the dangers of head injuries, it is the first law of its kind in Canada and will benefit both athletes and non-athletes.

Rowan’s Law is also about education. By increasing concussion awareness and knowledge, we can change Ontario’s culture around sports, physical activity, and injury.  Rowan’s Law will make it easier for those who experience concussions to SPEAK UP, get the help they need, and take the time necessary for recovery, with the support of everyone around them. Rowan’s Law Day is on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Orange Shirt Day

In honour of the Halton Catholic District School Board’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, Orange Shirt Day will be observed on September 30, 2020.  Orange shirt day is an annual event that started in 2013 to recognize the legacy of Residential school system for First Nations, Metis and Inuit families and communities. It is a show of support and understanding of the history of the school system that impacts many First Nations, Metis and Inuit people today. Please wear an Orange Shirt or Orange clothing in Support of our Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Catholic School Council

We would like to acknowledge and thank our 2020-2021 Catholic School Council Members.

Angie Dunlop

Teresa Aybar-Medrano

Rina Leitch  

Janet Coronel

Cherish de la Cruz

Angelica Cugini

Alina Imbrogno

Christine Kartick-Meghan

Teaching Representative- Mrs. L Nasato

Non-Teaching Representative- Mrs. C Sullivan

Community Representative – Mrs. S Carreiro

Our first Catholic School Council Meeting will take place on Monday, October 5, 2020 at 7 p.m. Virtually through Microsoft Teams. If you would like to attend a meeting, please email for an invite link.

Emergency Drills

During the past few weeks of school, we conducted several practice fire drills. Throughout the fall, we will conduct a series of drills to ensure everyone knows how to respond in the case of an emergency. Procedures for conducting fire drills align with physical distancing guidance provided by Public Health.  Emergency evacuation procedures were conducted while maintaining physical distancing.

Medical Perils

Please ensure you have returned the necessary forms for any medical perils (anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, etc.) to the office along with any medication needed so we can update our files. 

An update from the Learning Commons at St Gregory!  

We are happy to announce that library activities will resume in a new format the week of October 12. Mrs. Sullivan will be conducting virtual story time from the library to classes in their respective rooms. Other virtual programming will include demonstrations on navigating the online library catalogue, on accessing digital resources provided by the Board, on conducting research, and more! 

Book exchange will also resume that week. A curated selection of books will be delivered to each class for students to browse and select a book each week. At this time, we ask that the library book remain at school.  

Next week, students who took part in the Birthday Books program last year but did not receive their book due to the school closure will be able to select their Birthday Book. Mrs. Sullivan will be in touch with more information.  

Although we will not be able to host our usual Scholastic Book Fair in October, we will be offering a virtual book fair, where books can be purchased online and shipped to your home. The virtual Scholastic Book Fair will celebrate the love of books and reading, while also providing new books to our school library. Coming October 20! 

In the meantime, should you still have borrowed books at home from before the school closure, please return them as soon as possible to the bin in front of the library. These books will be quarantined for 72 hours before being checked in and re-shelved.  

Follow Mrs. Sullivan on Twitter at @amusebook for all news related to our school library, book recommendations, and more! 

Dogs Not Permitted on School Property

Though we love our four-legged friends, some of our children have severe allergies and are frightened by an encounter with a dog. Our school board prohibits dogs on school property for the protection of your children as well as for the protection of your pet.

Please be advised that from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm our students may be out and about with Parkview Children’s Centre and after-school activities in the yard, so we ask your cooperation in not walking your dog through the property during these hours.

Daily Self-Screening

  • A self-assessment must be completed by all staff and essential visitor prior to entering the school. ​
  • Parents and guardians must perform daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms before leaving for school, using the COVID-19 Self-Assessment. ​
  • If a student or staff member shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or has come into close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, they cannot come to school. They must self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19.  ​

Gentle Reminders:

  • Only one parent or guardian will be permitted on school property to drop off and pick up children.  
  • Parents and guardians will remain outside and will not be permitted to enter the school (unless there is an extenuating need, and prior approval has been obtained as per the Visitor Protocol). 
  • We have established designated entry and exit doors for your child’s class (cohort).  
  • Supervision begins at 9:00 a.m. Students enter the playground and walk along the yellow dashed lines directly to their ZONE and will wait for teacher direction before entering our school, and will follow a staggered entry into school to limit the number of students in our hallways at one time.  
  • Kindergarten students will enter the school immediately upon arrival in the morning.  
  • Parents and caregivers are asked to leave the school property as soon as they drop off their child(ren). No gathering or congregating will be allowed on school property.  
  • Before School ** ‘Kiss and Ride’ will be available for morning drop off ONLY.  Parents should stay in their vehicle.  Staff members are stationed to help guide your children on the sidewalk to the playground.  If your child requires assistance to exit the vehicle, we ask parents to help their child(ren)

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Upcoming Events and Activities at St. Gregory the Great

Orange Shirt Day
Sep 30 all day
Rowan’s Law Day
Sep 30 all day
World Teacher Appreciation Day
Oct 5 @ 3:28 pm – 4:28 pm
Catholic School Council Meeting #1
Oct 5 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Thanksgiving Virtual Liturgy
Oct 9 @ 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Thanksgiving – NO SCHOOL
Oct 12 all day
Orange and Black/Halloween Costume Day
Oct 30 all day
All Saints Day
Nov 1 all day
All Souls Day
Nov 2 all day
Catholic School Council Meeting
Nov 2 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Melchionna, Ann-MarieCommunication Bulletin #4