Safe Arrival

Students’ safety is of the utmost importance to us!

It is necessary for student safety that parents report student absences before 8:00a.m. on the first day and each subsequent day of absence with our main office. Our voice mail is available 24 hours per day for your convenience. When calling, please state your child’s name, grade, teacher, reason for absence, and expected duration of absence.  Please note that leaving a message with the homeroom teacher is not sufficient in case the homeroom teacher is absent on the same day as your child.

The school is legally accountable for your child’s whereabouts when they are not in school, and we will proceed to contact all work and emergency contact numbers provided to us if we did not receive a phone call regarding your child’s absence or late arrival. Please be advised that if all effort to reach parent and emergency contacts have been exhausted, we are obliged to call the Halton Regional Police as per HCDSB policy.

Students who arrive late, either morning or afternoon, must report to the office before going to their classroom. Students arriving late require an admission slip which is given to the teacher.


A written note is required when students need to be called away from school for appointments. Students must be signed in and out of the office when leaving or returning anytime during the school day.


Picking Up Your Child

Should you require the release of your child to attend an appointment, please send a note in their school agenda for the teacher in the morning or the day before so your child is ready for you when you arrive and report to the office.  Any arrangements to pick up your child by a relative, friend or neighbour must include a signed note from the parent. If you are picking up your child after school, please wait outside and arrange an appropriate place to meet your child. Do not enter the school and wait in the hallways as we are trying to foster student independence and maintain safety.


Parents are asked to stay outside of the fenced area in the schoolyard to ensure the safety of all our students. Only staff wearing brightly-coloured vests should be visible in the schoolyard areas.


Supervision of the school playground begins at 8:05a.m. Bus students disembark in front of the school building and walk along the sidewalk to the playground area. Students who walk or are dropped off will also walk along the sidewalk to the playground area.

If it is raining, all students enter the school and go directly to their classrooms where supervision will be provided.

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