Students are carefully chosen by the School Resource Team for these programs.

Empower Reading Program #1

This Decoding and Spelling Program is an intensive reading program developed by the Hospital for Sick Children. The program provides struggling readers with the skills necessary to become successful readers by teaching them various word identification skills and 5 decoding strategies (Sounding Out, Rhyming, Peeling Off, Vowel Alert and Spy) to read unknown words.

Empower Reading Program #2

This Comprehension and Vocabulary Program provides an integrated curriculum that teaches specific strategies for acquiring vocabulary (word meaning) and a set of five comprehension strategies for understanding narrative and expository texts. The goals of these strategies is to encourage students to become active readers who explore word meanings, make good predictions and connections with what they know, identify important events or ideas in texts, stop and clarify when confused, utilize text signals, activate text maps and monitor and evaluate their own understanding as they read.

Tier 2 Intervention Program

This language intervention program is designed to supplement the small-group instruction that children receive in the classroom.  The program will support reading, writing, phonics and word study in the lower grades.  It usually runs for approximately 6 weeks at a time.

After School Support Initiative Program

This program provides certain grade 3 and 6 students with an opportunity to improve their mathematics achievement through an after school math remediation program.  The program is seen as a valuable resource that increases student confidence and achievement and allows for greater individualized learning time.  The after school math program is designed to help students apply and reinforce key math concepts through a variety of rich, meaningful problem solving tasks and activities. The program is also designed to help students reinforce and solidify concepts taught during the day.  This opportunity helps students build upon their background knowledge which is necessary for new content learning within the classroom.

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