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Terry Fox Event at St. Gabriel

St. Gabriel School will be participating in a Terry Fox Walk on Thursday, October 7th. A Virtual Kick-Off Event will be held on Friday, October 1st hosted by Ms. Barclay’s Grade 8 class.

A schedule will be created to ensure classes can complete the walk within their cohorts, and that proper social distancing can be assured. Each class FDK – Grade 8 will have an opportunity to walk through the neighbourhood to raise money for the Terry Fox “Marathon of Hope” for cancer research. Students are invited to wear Red & White as Terry Fox was a proud Canadian. Our goal this year is “Toonie for Terry”, meaning we wish to raise a minimum of $2 per student in the school. Opportunities for families to contribute more will be available to all families if they so choose.

A reminder to parents during the COVID-19 pandemic that cash donations cannot be accepted at the school. Donations will only be accepted via our School Cash Online system. To donate to this great cause, or to register for the cashless system, please click on the following link:

Tilley, ChristopherTerry Fox Event at St. Gabriel