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Boogie-a-thon Winners!

We would like to congratulate our School Community on a successful fundraiser.

Our students were able to raise $14, 777.00, a bit shy of the $15,000.00 goal. But Mr. Tilley has decided to dye his hair in the school colours to show his gratitude to our school community in taking the time to help make this a successful fundraiser.


With the monies collected we are happy to announce we will be purchasing items in the following categories: Catholicity, Technology and Safe Schools.

We would like to announce the Top Individual student fundraisers and Top Class.

1st Prize – Limo Ride with 4 Friends – Jessica P.

2nd Prize – Raptor Tickets – Kyara L.

3rd Prize – Movie and Popcorn Party with 4 Friends – Isla M.

4th Prize – Pizza Party with 4 Friends – Emmerson M.

5th Prize – Principal for the Day – Luke F.

6th Prize – Vice Principal for the Day – Noah F.

Class Prize – Class Pizza Party  – Mrs. Ennaffati and Miss. Gaspar

Congratulations to all our winners !

Elementary School SecretaryBoogie-a-thon Winners!