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June 10th, 2019

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”     Matthew 5:9

St. Gabriel Parish News


St. Gabriel Church Garage Sale is being held in the Parish Centre this weekend – June 8 & 9.  Besides treasures you will also be able to purchase coffee & bakery sweets.  The sale runs from 8am-3pm on Saturday and 9am-2pm on Sunday.  This is an event you don’t want to miss!


St. Gabriel Church is once again hosting a Vacation Bible Camp from Aug. 12 – 16, 2019.  This is a FULL day (9:00 – 4:00) camp held at the church.  Children between the ages of 5-10 (at the time of the camp) are welcome to register and youth in Grade 8 or higher are welcome to help (volunteer hours are applicable).

This year’s theme is “Jerusalem Marketplace”.  The cost is $65 per person and $45 per person for families registering 3 or more children.  Lunch and snacks are included.  Space is limited.

More information about this camp and registration forms can be found on the Youth Page on the church website

Don’t forget, we have Children’s Liturgy during the 11:00 am mass every Sunday – all are welcome!The insurance agreement is between the parent or guardian and the insurance company. If you wish to subscribe or for more information, please visit: or call 1-800-463-KIDS (5437).

Track and Field

CONGRATULATIONS to our St. Gabriel Storm Track & Field Team and coaches:  Ms. Lanza and Ms. Scott  for an amazing day at the Burlington Meet.  Thank you to our parents who were able to attend the meet and cheer our team on.

Good Luck to the following athletes who advanced to the Halton Catholic District School Board’s System Finals on Monday, June 10th:  Kristine W in Girls Shot Putt, Jason W in Boys Long Jump, Cabri, Julia, Rachel and Sydney for the Grade 7 Girls Relay, Alex, Gavin, John and Wesley for the Grade 6 Boys  Relay, Nate K for Boys Soft Ball Throw, Cabri for Grade 7 Girls 200 Metre, John D for Grade 6 Boys 200 Metre, and Wesley for Grade 6 Boys 100 Metre.

Spring Fling

The Spring Fling was a great success and it was wonderful to see so many families at the school enjoying  this event.  Thank you to the Spring Fling Committee for organizing and working tirelessly to put on such a fabulous community event and to the countless parent volunteers and staff that assisted at the Spring Fling to make it such a huge success.   Check next week’s Weekly Update for a detailed wrap up of the Spring Fling.

Grade 6 Trip to the Warplane Museum – Monday, June 10th

Our grade 6 classes look forward to their trip to the Warplane Museum on Monday to culminate their study of Flight.

Gabriel Idol – June 12th

St. Gabriel Idol takes place on Wednesday, June 12th.  There are two performances, the first one is at 8:50am and the second show takes place at 12:30pm.  Thank you to Mr. Wisniewski and Mme. Gagne  for organizing this event.

Grade 4 Class Trips To The Halton Conservatory of Arts and Mountsberg

On Friday, June 14th our grade 4 students will spend the day at the Halton Conservatory of Arts for their Egyptian production. On the morning of Tuesday, June 18th our Grade 4 classes are off to Mountsberg!  We wish them a fabulous time exploring this Conservation area.

Halton Women’s Place Returns to St. Gabriel School

St. Gabriel School is fortunate to have The Halton Women’s Place volunteers working with our classes once again.  The Halton Women’s Place has developed a resource to support curriculum expectations in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, which addresses healthy relationships. The Halton Women’s Place provides a guest expert who engages classrooms in lessons on healthy relationships.

The goal of the programs is to assist students to make well-informed, healthy choices, build developmental assets and to help instill behaviours that contribute to the wellbeing of self and others.   This is an opportunity for students to gain knowledge from a local expert.  Presenters are Ontario Certified Teachers.

On Thursday, June 13th our Grade 6 students will be participating in a session on “Problem Solving” and on Friday, June 14th our Grade 7 students will take part in a session titled:  “Mirror Mirror”.

On Monday, June 17th our grade 6 students will work with a representative from Halton’s Women’s Place and learn about:  “Besties, Bros and BFFs”.  On Tuesday, June 18th our grade 8 classes will participate in a session titled:  “Make It or Break It” and on Friday June 21st our grade 7 students will learn about:  “Tech In Relationships”.  For more information about The Halton Women’s Place and their educational programs, click HERE.

Last Days For Pizza and Milk For This School Year

The last Pizza Day for this school year is on Wednesday, June 19th and the last day for milk is on Friday, June 21st.

Play Day

Our Play Day will take place on Tuesday, June 25th.  The Rain Date for Play Day is Wednesday, June 26th.

Promoting Well-Being – The Seven Habits of Self-Reg Parents – John Hoffman

As most of us know, parenting is an experience in which the learning never stops. Sometimes, the best way to gauge your progress as a parent is to stop and look back at how things used to be — six months or a year ago — and notice how much they’ve changed. I’ve done this occasionally, and I’m often surprised at how much my parenting habits and style have changed or improved. Usually, I feel a little better about myself, and my kids, as a result.

Learning to parent with a Self-Reg mindset is a special kind of learning journey. With that in mind, and with a nod to Stephen Covey, who established the “7 Habits” brand in 1989 with his bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, here is my take on the seven “habits” of Self-Reg parents. If you’re trying to be a Self-Reg parent, take a look at these seven signs and then reflect on the extent to which you were or weren’t doing these things a year or so ago. If the idea of Self-Reg parenting is new to you, these signs might give you something to aim for.

The 7 Signs You’re Becoming a Self-Parent

  1. You read kids’ behaviour differently

When you see a “misbehaving” child your default thoughts are less likely to be: How do I make this kid stop/obey? Or, What’s the right discipline strategy to pull out of my bag of tricks right now? And you are more likely to think things like: This child needs my attention and help. What’s stressing this child right now?

  1. It’s easier to stay calm when things get hot

You’re better at keeping your cool in tense situations and you find it easier to “forgive” your child (or partner) for behaviours that bug you because you can see that the behaviour is often caused by stress. In other words, you realize that they weren’t actually trying to drive you crazy.

  1. You feel more compassion & less anger

You don’t fight with your kids or get mad at them as often, and when you do get mad, you don’t stay as mad for as long. You’re finding it easier to like and appreciate kids you found it hard to like before.

  1. Your parenting is less reactive

You are more able to see when you should take a “time out,” or at least, “hit the pause button” rather than trying to fix a problem or mete out the ideal consequence in the heat of the moment, when everyone’s stress alarms are going full-tilt.

  1. You re-think disciplinary tactics

You finally understand why even the best discipline strategies don’t work at times with some kids, and you are better at identifying situations where trying to impose discipline or exert control will just make things worse.

  1. You understand your kids more deeply

You feel like you understand your kids (and some of their behaviours) better. And you are starting to understand certain behaviours that perplexed and frustrated you in the past.

  1. You’re doing Self-Reg with yourself

You become better at recognizing and dealing with your own stress and how it affects your parenting, and what to do about it. You’re really starting to see that a less stressed parent is a more effective parent. And you find it easier to forgive yourself for your parenting imperfections.

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