Staff Directory


Mr. Mark WitterElementary

Support Staff

Mrs. Devin MisenerChild and Youth
Ms. Cheryl NieuwendykElementary School
Mrs Christabelle PhillipsOffice Assistant Enhanced
Mrs Erin RuppelLibrary

Teaching Staff

Ms. Raquel AmorimElementary Teacher, French Second
Ms. Breda BlazevicElementary Teacher, Elementary
Ms. Elsa BrasilElementary Teacher, French -
Ms. Janette BrunatoElementary Teacher, Grade 2/
Mr. Sean CulhaneElementary Teacher, Grade 7/
Miss Alexandra DolcicElementary Teacher, Grade
Ms. Kylee EmersonElementary Teacher, Grade
Ms. Tina FargiorgioElementary Teacher, Grade
Mrs. Nora Kane-FedchenkoElementary Teacher, Elementary
Ms. Deborah KrampeljElementary Teacher, Teacher of the
Mrs. Andrea LongoElementary Teacher, Grade
Ms. Samantha MacchioneElementary Teacher, Grade
Ms. Heather MacLeanElementary Teacher, Grade
Ms. Andrea McLeanElementary Teacher, Elementary Special Education
Ms. Andrea O'DonnellElementary Teacher, Kindergarteno'
Ms. Jennifer PurdyElementary Teacher, Grade 4/
Ms. Catherine ReitzelElementary Teacher,
Mrs. Kristina SamsonElementary Teacher,
Ms. Ashley TaylorElementary Teacher, Grade
Ms. Lauren AshleyEducational
Ms. Lisa BoudreauDesignated Early Childhood
Mrs. Shannon DiRenzoDesignated Early Childhood
Mrs. Kimberly EnglishEducational
Ms. Helena KlackEducational
Ms. Lisa LannanEducational
Ms. Jane StoylesEducational
Ms. Sharon TripodiDesignated Early Childhood

Custodial Staff

Mr. Thomas Knowles
Mr. Dennis Mazuran, Maintenance Custodian Elementary
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