Safe Arrival

Safe Arrival

If your child is going to be absent from school, we kindly ask that a parent or guardian report your child’s absence using our SchoolMessenger® absence management system.

If an absence is not reported through SchoolMessenger® our school staff will follow up to ensure your child is safe by:

  1. Contacting home
  2. Contacting parents/guardians at work
  3. Contacting an emergency contact
  4. Contacting Halton Regional Police

Student Transportation

Parents are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children prior to bus pick-up and after disembarking from the bus at the end of the day.  School bus transportation is a privilege, not a right.  Students may be denied bus privileges for misconduct.

Students are expected:

  • To arrive 10 minutes prior to the designated time at their bus stop.  Note:  students who miss their bus are not permitted to ride on another bus.
  • Get on and off the bus in an orderly manner;
  • To always keep all of themselves and any belongings inside the bus;
  • To be seated during the entire trip to or from school;
  • To conduct themselves in such a way as not to create any disturbance to the driver;
  • For safety reasons, students may only ride on the bus to which they have been assigned.  Riding on an alternate bus is not acceptable, unless specifically given permission by the school Principal

 Additional information can be found at Halton Student Transportation Services at:

Health, Wellness and Recess Breaks

If your child is sick:

  1. Please have them stay at home. It will be hard for them to do schoolwork, and they may make other students ill.
  2. If your child becomes ill or injured at school, please remind them to let their teacher know.
  3. Recess breaks are an important part of the learning day – all students are expected to go outside for recess. If your child cannot go outside for fresh air because they are not feeling well, then your child is likely too ill to be at school and should remain at home.

Non-Motorized and Non-Licensed Transportation Safety

Students who use a bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerblades, etc. to travel to and from school are expected to dismount them once they reach school property.  At dismissal, they are to be walked to the property line before being mounted.  Scooters, roller blades and skateboards can be stored in the student’s locker or locked on the bicycle racks.  The enforcement of the mandatory wearing of bike helmets went into effect in October 1995.

Lunch Procedures – Leaving School Grounds

St. Francis of Assisi School recognizes that families may make the decision to allow their child to leave school grounds during the lunch hour without parent/guardian supervision.  The most frequent example of this is families giving their child permission to go out for lunch to the Georgetown Marketplace mall.

Your child’s safety is a priority for St. Francis of Assisi School.  In order to ensure clear lines of communication are followed and that your child’s location is accounted for, the following expectations and procedures have been established should your child wish to leave the school grounds for lunch:

  1. A note that is written and signed by a parent /guardian must be provided to your child’s classroom teacher for each day that your child’s routine is different that what usually occurs.  For example, if you child wishes to go out for lunch but normally stays at school, we must receive a note that indicates that permission has been granted for your child to leave the school on that specific day.  Your child then will come to the office and our administrative team will record their name in our lunch log book.  This is done so that in the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation during the lunch hour we can account for your child’s location;
  2. If your child goes home for lunch every day, please let their classroom teacher know and we will record this routine in our office records.  Again, we do this so that your child’s whereabouts during the lunch hour is concretely known should an emergency occur;

Regrettably, we cannot make and receive phone calls or emails to and from parents in lieu of a signed note from home.  Please ensure that you and your child have organized and planned their lunch excursions prior to the day of.

Should your child not have permission to leave school grounds, and also not have a lunch with them, we will be able to supply them with some food to eat that day so they do not go hungry.  This accommodation is provided through the support of our Halton Food For Thought program.


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