At St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School, we pride ourselves in not only providing quality education as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, but quality Catholic education as witnesses to Jesus in our world.  Gospel Values, our Focus on Faith theme, and the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations are at the core of everything we do.

We also strive to foster within our students an understanding of the Indigenous Grandfather Teachings, and how these teachings can compliment and support the understanding of our students of the importance of upholding our Catholic social teachings.

We remind our students  daily of the importance of working for the common good, helping build a just society, upholding the dignity of human life and lifting up the poor and vulnerable.

We are committed to enabling all students to reach their potential, and to succeed.  We recognize that every student is unique and each must have opportunities to achieve success according to his or her own interests, abilities, and goals. We have set high academic expectations and standards for our students. With rich learning opportunities and appropriate support, our students have proven their ability to rise to the challenge.

Our Catholic perspective has always been that student are life-long learners, and so it is with this in mind that teachers program for every student based on the Board and the School Improvement plans, daily work results, benchmark, report card and EQAO data.  This information, in turn, is used to inform instruction through the construction of appropriate pathways and differentiated instruction within these pathways to match every student’s learning needs and interests.  Teachers are always vigilant in ensuring that every child is achieving to potential and advocating for their students in ensuring they receive the required supports for success.

Focus on Faith Theme:  “Do You Love Me?”

The Halton Catholic District School Board’s Theological Theme, “Do You Love Me?” (John 21:15-17) was launched in October, 2017.  This theme calls us to enter into the fullness of a deeper understanding and relationship with the Lord, asking, “Do You Love Me?”

This Focus on Faith Theme is derived from Scripture, informed by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and is inspired by John 21:15-17, in which Jesus repeatedly asks his beloved disciple Peter, “Do you love Me?”

Every 4 years, a new Theological Theme is introduced to lead our Catholic learning environments, staff, curriculum, and faith community.  The theme will be implemented throughout our school’s curriculum, and in our liturgical celebrations until the fall of 2021.

The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations

The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations are used as a framework for designing Ontario Catholic curriculum, in the development of youth leadership, teacher education and administrative programs and to support the work of local board initiatives.

At St. Francis of Assisi School, we embrace and use the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations to guide our programming and work in Catholic education.  Our Grade 8 Graduation Awards program is reflective of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, as we strive to encourage all of our students to exemplify these expectations as they provide a distinctive perspective from which our students can critically and constructively engage contemporary culture.  You can learn more about the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations by clicking on the image below:

Role of the Child and Youth Counsellor

Periodically throughout the school year our Child and Youth Counsellor may visit classrooms to assist our teachers develop, promote, and support programs which foster a healthy, safe and inclusive Catholic school environment.

Some of the services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Social and peer relationships;
  • Self-regulation;
  • Anxiety management strategies;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Body image;
  • Team building exercises;
  • Communication skills;
  • Bullying awareness;
  • Empathy awareness;

Our Child and Youth Counsellor can also support students on a one to one basis or in small group settings who may experience social, emotional and or behavioral challenges.  They also collaborate with families, school staff and community agencies to enhance student success and well-being. If you think your child may need additional support within the school, please contact the school for more information.

Student Success

Each student has a diverse set of goals, interest and strengths that can help them learn and become successful throughout their educational career.

The All About Me planner is a tool for engaging grade 1-6 students in the process of learning with an interactive online career portfolio. The tool is used to encourage self-discovery, career exploration, and growth and development in all areas of a student’s life.

Link to MyBlueprint AAM:

The Individual Pathways Planner provides students with an interactive approach to education planning that is highly customized by province to meet curriculum expectations and learning outcomes. HCDSB students in grade 7 and 8 are able to explore careers, set goals, learn about themselves and choose courses for grade 9.

Link to MyBlueprint IPP:

To learn more, please vist the Halton Catholic District School Board’s “Pathways and Student Success” website here.

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