Energy Conservation & Environmental Stewardship

St. Francis of Assisi School has been recognized as a certified Ontario EcoSchool since 2015. The mission of Ontario EcoSchools is to nurture environmental leaders, reduce the ecological impact of schools, and build environmentally responsible school communities.  At St. Francis of Assisi School, our energy conservation and environmental stewardship efforts are led by our school’s Eco-Falcon team.  This dedicated group of students and and faculty advisors has taken on the call to be stewards of creation, and lead our school’s efforts to protect the world that God has gifted us with.

To become a certified EcoSchool, there are six sections of the Ontario EcoSchools program that act as a road map to identify areas where students can take action. EcoTeams select what they would like to implement throughout the school year, connecting environmental learning with daily practices. All six sections promote student engagement, take place during the school year, and are within the realm of student influence.  These areas include:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Energy Conservation
  3. Waste Minimization
  4. School Ground Greening
  5. Curriculum
  6. Environmental Stewardship

Highlights of our Eco-Falcons include weekly waste diversion reminders and challenges, the creation of our Garden of Life and Learning, reduction of the use of plastic water bottles within the school and organizing our spring clean up.  St. Francis of Assisi School also had the highest percentage of waste diversion in our school board as 86% of all of our generated waste was diverted appropriately in 2016.

Witter, MarkEnergy Conservation & Environmental Stewardship