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September 8, 2020 Update

We begin to welcome our students back to school this week, with several reminders and procedures to share with families for our return to school.

The health and well-being of our students, families and staff is our first priority. Our school board is working very closely with Halton Region Public Health to ensure health and safety protocols are in place and followed so that our students and staff can enjoy a safe and healthy learning environment this year.

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming our students back to instruction and remain committed to providing a quality Catholic education that is flexible and engaging. We look forward to creating and maintaining a strong sense of community and welcoming spaces in our school.

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a community effort. Working together, we will ensure a safe, healthy and happy return to school for all.

2020-2021 School Staff

Room 114 – Kindergarten – K. Samson and L. Boudreau

Room 115 – Kindergarten – C. Reitzel and S. Tripodi

Room 113 – Kindergarten – A. O’Donnell and S. DiRenzo

Room 102 – Grade 1 – M. Bruno

Room 104 – Grade 1 – J. Fernando

Room 101 – Grade 2 – H. MacLean

Room 130 – Grade 2/3 – J. Brunato

Room 107 – Grade 3 – S. Macchione

Room 106 – Grade 4 – D. Monardo

Room 105 – Grade 4/5 – J. Purdy

Room 110 – Grade 5/6 – A. Taylor

Room 111 – Grade 6/7 – S. Culhane

Room 109 – Grade 7/8 – A. Fitzgerald

Room 108 – Grade 8 – S. Logozzo

French as a Second Language – R. Amorim

Planning Time – D. Krampelj, E. Brasil, L. Pakkam

Special Education – N. Kane-Fedchenko, D. Dos Ramos, A. Mclean, L. Ashley, K, English, H. Klack, L. Lannan, B. Rorke, G. Palmieri

Library Technician – E. Ruppel

Child and Youth Counsellor – D. Misener

Custodial – D. Mazuran, T. Knowles

Office Administration – C. Nieuwendyk, C. Phillips

Principal – M. Witter

Seconded to the HCDSB Virtual School – B. Chaffay, T. Fargiorgio, A. Longo

Attendance Schedule

As you know, the first day of instruction for students (originally planned for Tuesday, September 8, 2020) has been delayed until Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

We will transition into the new school year by bringing Grade 1-8 students back to school in smaller groups on September 9, 10 and 11th.

All Grade 1-8 students will be in school beginning Monday, September 14th. Remote learning will also begin for students learning from home on Monday, September 14th.

A gradual return to school for our elementary students will help alleviate some of the anxiety in students by providing a calm environment to help students learn the new health and safety routines at school and practice our entry and dismissal procedures in smaller groups.

The following schedule will apply to Grade 1-8 students:

Wednesday, September 9thOnly students in Grades 1-8 with surnames beginning with the letters A-F will come to school
Thursday, September 10thOnly students in Grades 1-8 with surnames beginning with the letters G- N will come to school
Friday, September 11thOnly students in Grades 1-8 with surnames beginning with the letters O-Z will come to school
Monday, September 14thALL students in Grades 1-8 attending in-class instruction will come to school. Remote learning will begin for students learning from home.


As per our usual practice, we will implement a staggered entry for Kindergarten students. Year 1 and 2 orientation will take place on Tuesday, September 8th, and Wednesday, September 9th. Year 2 students will begin on Thursday, September 10th. Year 1 staggered entry will take place on Friday, September 11th, and Monday, September 14thAll Kindergarten students in school beginning Tuesday, September 15th

Students Learning from Home

Some of our families have opted to keep their children home to participate in remote (online) learning. Remote learners will be part of a virtual classroom, in a virtual school. Online classes are currently being organized. Once finalized, parents with students in the virtual classrooms will receive communication directly from their children’s classroom teachers.

NOTE: Students registered for remote instruction will not be attending our school in-person on the gradual return days that have been scheduled between September 9 -11, 2020. These days are set aside for students who will be returning for in-class instruction, to review the health and safety protocols that will be in place in our school.

The first day of instruction for students learning from home will be Monday, September 14, 2020.

Daily Self-Screening

Parents and guardians must perform daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms BEFORE leaving for school using the COVID-19 Self-Assessment.

  • Check your child’s temperature to ensure they do not have a fever (temperature greater than 37.8oC)
  • Monitor for signs and symptoms (including atypical symptoms) of COVID-19
  • If any signs or symptoms, student and other household members must stay home, and school must be contacted.

Use of Masks and PPE

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the measures we will have in place in our schools to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

PPE is protective clothing or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. PPE can include gloves, masks, face shields, gowns, safety shoes etc.

Wearing of Masks at School

Exemptions for Wearing Masks

Reasonable exceptions to mask wearing will be considered. An exemption may be requested for a student in Grades K-12 for the following reasons:

  • A pre-existing medical condition.
  • A diagnosis or learning profile that would limit a student’s ability to tolerate or safely wear a mask, including whereby a mask would affect essential communication for a person who is hearing impaired.
  • Other, as detailed by a healthcare practitioner.

If any of the above conditions apply to your son or daughter, please contact Mr. Witter

Drop Off and Pickup

We are kindly asking that all families who are able to walk to school create this routine for our students. The footprint of our school is not designed to have numerous cars parking to drop off children. As a reminder, the supervised area to drop children off is on the sidewalk of Duncan Drive. Parking on Sinclair Avenue is not advised, and our school parking lot is closed to parents/guardians from 8:45am – 9:15am and 3:30pm – 4:00pm.

The following drop-off and pick-up protocols have been implemented this year to help minimize contacts and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our school community.

  • Only one parent or guardian will be permitted on school property to drop off and pick up children.
  • Parents and guardians will remain outside and will not be permitted to enter the school (unless there is an extenuating need, and prior approval has been obtained as per the Visitor Protocol).
  • For grades 1-8 students, when your child arrives at school he or she must proceed to the blue line that has been designated for their class (cohort) Staff members will assist with this process at the beginning of the year. Students must remain on their blue line until the school day begins, they may not walk around or play in the school yard. This procedure is in place to keep all student with their cohort at all times. Students will line up to enter our school, and we will be implementing a staggered entry into school to limit the number of students in our hallways at one time.
  • We have established designated entry and exit doors for your child’s class (cohort).
  • Each kindergarten class will be provided with an individual gate for drop off and pick up. Kindergarten students will enter the school immediately upon arrival in the morning.
  • Parents and caregivers are asked to leave the school property as soon as they drop off their child(ren). No gathering or congregating will be allowed on school property to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Visitor Protocol

This school year, in an effort to minimize contacts and help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, we are limiting visitor access to our school.

All visitors, including parents and HCDSB staff who are not assigned to our school, will require approval and pre-screening before entering our building. Only visits that are deemed absolutely essential will be approved – e.g. visits by the Fire Marshal’s office or by public health. Where possible, meetings or visits will be conducted virtually.

Visitors who are granted approval will be required to complete an online screening form prior to arriving at our school. Once inside, all visitors will be required to wear masks.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do all we can to ensure a safe and healthy return to school for all.

Lunch Protocols

For the health and safety of our students and school community, it is strongly recommended that all elementary students remain at school for the full duration of their lunch periods. Currently, there will be no organized school lunch days such as pizza day, salad bar or LunchBox Orders.

As we are limiting visitors to our school, lunch drop offs will not be permitted during the school day. This includes vendors such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes, etc.

Parents and guardians are asked to provide their child(ren) with lunch in the morning before students enter the school building.

Considerations for Lunch Prep:

  • Lunches should be prepared as individual meals and snacks.
  • Sharing food items will not be permitted.
  • Reusable water bottles are encouraged.

Each student is required to bring their own drinking bottle to school that is labeled, kept with them during the day, and not shared with other students. All water fountains will be wrapped and/or made inoperable. Although bottle filling stations will be in use, students and staff are not advised to touch any filling station apparatus.

What happens if your child feels unwell at school?

It is important for your son or daughter to let their teacher know if they are feeling unwell at school.

Students who show signs/symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day will be taken to our school’s designated ‘isolation room’ where they will be cared for and supervised until the parent or guardian can pick them up.

It is very important that we have current contact information for all of our families so that we can get in touch with you quickly. Please contact our school office if there have been any recent changes to your contact information.

Elementary PrincipalSeptember 8, 2020 Update