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Synchronous Learning Guidelines and Expectations

The purpose of synchronous learning is for students to engage with their classmates and teachers to create a greater sense of classroom community during distance learning. While not mandatory , these sessions will provide opportunities for staff members to further explain concepts that have been taught during distance learning, answer any questions students may have and/or facilitate discussion about the topics that the students are learning.  In order to respect the learning, dignity and privacy of students and staff members, the guidelines and expectations for synchronous learning are below:

  • Participation in synchronous learning is not mandatory 
  • Students are not to record or take screenshots of the meeting in order to protect the privacy of the other students. 
  • Parents are welcome to join (sit beside the child, help the child set up)
  • Students are expected to abide by our school’s Distance Learning Code of Conduct, which has been posted to our school website here:
  • Students should be located in a common area in the home such as the living room, kitchen, family room (please refrain from being in the bedroom) 
  • Students are to speak to one another and treat one another with the respect that is expected within our school’s classrooms
  • Good practice would be to inform the rest of your household that your child is taking place in a synchronous meeting
  • Students are to be dressed appropriately and in keeping with the School Dress Code
Elementary PrincipalSynchronous Learning Guidelines and Expectations