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LunchBox Orders – Vendor Update

Regrettably,  La Vita Fine Foods will be closing its business down by the end of March 2019. As the last week of March will be needed for final cleanup of its premises,  the final “La Vita” LunchBox order day will be Friday, March 22, 2019.   For parents who have ordered beyond this date, LunchBox Orders will cancel future La Vita orders and send a communication to parents that are registered with Lunchbox Orders.  Refunds will be provided.

Moving forward, our new Friday LunchBox Orders vendor will be Boston Pizza.  The lunch options will include:

  • Penne with Meat Sauce served with Garlic Toast
  • Penne with Marina Sauce served with Garlic Toast
  • 4 Baked Chicken Fingers served with Veggie Sticks

Prices will be indicated on the LunchBox Orders website.

Elementary PrincipalLunchBox Orders – Vendor Update