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Chocolate Fundraiser!

Fundraising is an important role of our Catholic School Council and school community. Fundraising supports many school initiatives including technology purchases, guest speakers, graduation, sports equipment, playground enhancements, and special events.  This year, our Catholic School Council members have decided that our major school fundraiser will be a chocolate sales fundraiser.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the school will host an assembly to launch our chocolate fundraiser.   Following the assembly each family will receive a box of 30 chocolates to sell on Friday, February 8, 2019.  Each item in the box is sold for $3.00 for a box total of $90.00.  Families will be asked to submit payment for the box of chocolates in the amount of $90 via School Cash Online.

For each box sold, each family will receive a ticket to enter the draw for some fabulous prizes, with the grand prize being a $350 Great Wolf Lodge Gift Card!  In addition, each student will receive a gesture of thanks from the Catholic School Council for supporting our fundraiser.  Each student will receive a St. Francis of Assisi draw string bag, a stainless steel water bottle, and a variety of other small tokens of appreciation. The school profits approximately $40 for each box of chocolates sold.

Families will have the option to choose not to participate in the fundraiser, in which case you would be asked to promptly return the unopened box of chocolates to the school.

For those families who choose not to participate, the Catholic School Council asks that you consider making a $40 donation to the school and still support the fundraising efforts. Families who make a donation will receive a ticket for the prize draw as well.

More information will be sent home with each student closer to the launch of the fundraising campaign.  Your support is sincerely appreciated!

Elementary PrincipalChocolate Fundraiser!