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Weekly Update October 18, 2021

We recognize that it has been difficult going from the summer where restrictions are limited then back to school where relative to the summer, we appear to take a step back.  Everything we are doing is being done so that we do not return to remote learning.  Thank you for continuing to follow the guidelines outlined by HCDSB and Halton Public Health.  Your patience and support are so much appreciated!  It makes it easier when we are moving forward and implementing various changes such as clubs and teams and equipment outside. 


We had our first of two early-bird draws valued at $25.00.  We will be having our next draw this coming Friday, October 22. Get your pledge forms and money in so your name can go into the draw on Friday. Students receive 1 ticket for every $5.00 pledged. This will be our single major fundraiser this school year. We depend on the funds raised by our families to support us so that we can purchase special programs, technologies, and recess equipment for our students. No donation is too small, every little bit counts!

We are asking that parents and guardians please refer to the list below to send in your donations for the theme baskets for each class.  Once the theme baskets have been completed, we will take a video of the baskets and send it out so you can see what prizes your children are drawing for. We are asking that all donations be brought in by Wednesday, October 20th so we can get them wrapped.  A small group of Catholic School Council representatives will be coming in to put the baskets together.  Thank you in advance for your support of this initiative.  This will be our major fundraiser this year and we hope to look at purchasing items for programming, technology, and equipment for outside.

Pezzente/Mallon-Lego                               Ramirez/Cooke-Tv Shows                      Kennedy-Playdough

Daniels-Stuffed Animal Basket                  Habkirk-Movie Night                    Moyer Family Fun

Deane-Time away from screens               Ferguson-Sleep Over Party              Boermans-Comfy Cozy

Hanson-Arts/Crafts/School Supplies        Tokarsky-Junior Chef                   Gramigna-Chocolate

Rhind-Relaxation/Stress Relief                  Duggan-Marvel/Disney                      Schneberk-Treats Galore

Horvath- Gift Cards/Money Balloons       Lipinski-Pietrantonio-Favourite Things


  1. St. Elizabeth Seton Cash Online

  • Pay by Cheque
    • Make cheques payable to St. Elizabeth Seton Elementary School
    • Send into classroom teacher


Please ensure that your children are dressing for the weather.  To maintain social distancing, we are using the field and the pavement at recess.  As you know, we are rotating students outside on the field and the pavement so there are times when your child may be out on the field on a day when the grass is wet/snow.  As a result, you may want to provide your child with an extra pair of shoes or boots to wear on the wetter/snowy days.    


We are happy that there are students who live near the school and are able to walk home for lunch.  We just wanted to provide some further details regarding the protocols around this should you want your child(ren) to leave at the lunch hour.

  • Given how busy the lunch hour is, students must submit in writing, a note from parents/guardians indicating they can leave to go home…OR…sign off on the Family Consent form so that a note is not required each time they leave. Please understand this would mean that if your child comes down to say they are leaving, we wouldn’t call home to confirm, and they would be allowed to leave at lunch whenever they ask.
  • All students must go to their own home if they have permission.  In some cases, students have indicated they are going to McDonald’s and/or to other students’ homes.  In other cases, students are gathering with students outside their cohort in the park. 


For more information on First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, please click on the link below:–reconciliation

For more information on Confirmation, please click on the link below:

MacLennan, LisaWeekly Update October 18, 2021