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School Weekly Update-September 6, 2021


Parents and guardians must perform daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms BEFORE leaving for school using the COVID-19 Self-Assessment. 

Parents are able to access the Daily Screening Checklist for HCDSB students HERE. 

NEW-Beginning September 7th-September 17th

The Ministry of Education has asked us to complete “Confirmations of Screenings” for all students.  We will be asking parents/guardians to complete a confirmation screening log each day for all children in your household.  We will be sending home a log sheet that is to be completed each day.  We will be sending home more information with your child on their first day of school.  Please note that if a student or staff member does not pass the daily COVID-19 screening, they must stay home. 


All staff will be wearing proper medical PPE masks as provided to them by the HCDSB, at all times while working with students.  All students from Grade K-8 are required to come to school with a cloth face mask.  These masks will be worn at all times within the classroom and shared indoor spaces.   If your child requires a cloth face mask or if theirs breaks or gets lost throughout the school day, one will be provided to them.  For storage purposes, when students are exiting the school, you may want to send a plastic zipper top bag or paper bag to store their mask in when they are outside.


  • Supervision begins at 8:25 am. Please do not drop off before 8:25 am, so we can ensure your child is properly supervised.   
  • Students are asked to go directly to their lines between 8:25 am and 8:40 am. 
  • Parents and caregivers are asked to leave the school property as soon as they drop off their child(ren). No gathering or congregating will be allowed on school property.
  • Only one parent or guardian will be permitted on school property to drop off and pick up children. We would encourage you to wear a mask to set a good example for our students and protect yourself and others.
  • Parents and caregivers will remain outside and will not be permitted to enter the school (unless there is an extenuating need, and prior approval has been obtained as per the Visitor Protocol).
  • Just a reminder that this year we will be lining up each morning in designated lines that are written on the blacktop.  Your child’s teacher has been assigned a corresponding number which will be used each day. The line numbers and Teacher’s name are listed below:

                  Line#1-Mrs. Gramigna     Line #2 -Mrs. Duggan       Line #3-Mr. Tokarsky       Line #4-Mrs. Rhind

                  Line #5-Mrs. Boermans     Line #6 -Mrs. Lipinski     Line #7-Mrs. Schneberk  Line #8-Mrs. Horvath

                  Line #9-Mrs. Ferguson      Line #10-Mrs. Moyer     Line #11-Mrs. Hanson     Line #12-Mrs. Deane

                  Line #13-Mrs. Habkirk       Line #14-Mrs. Daniels    Line #15-Mrs. Kennedy

  • As outlined in an email sent out from the HCDSB on August 31st, the first day of school for our Grade 1-8 students will be staggered based on the first letter of your last name (surname).  As of September 8th, all students will attend school together.  Please note the following:

Surname Beginning with A-K: First Day of School is Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

Surname Beginning with L-Z: First Day of School is Wednesday, September 8th, 2021


Please send your child to school with a reusable water bottle so they can refill them at the designated refill stations in our school. In keeping aligned with Halton Public Health (below), the use of water fountains for drinking will not be permitted.  

Water Fountains and Reusable Water Bottles: 

  • Each student is required to bring their own drinking bottle to school that is labeled, kept with them during the day, and not shared with other students.  
  • All water fountains will be wrapped and/or made inoperable.  
  • Bottle filling stations will be available and cleaned/disinfected regularly throughout the school day.    


St. Elizabeth Seton is a full uniform school.  All students must be in full uniform as purchased from our uniform provider RJ McCarthy Uniforms.  Please visit their website for information or for booking your shopping appointment:


For those families new to our school, it is important that you register for our online money collection system called School Cash Online.  If you have not registered for SCO, please follow the steps below:

 Step 1: Please visit:

Step 2: Register by selecting the “Get Started Today” and following the steps.

Step 3: After you receive the confirmation email, please select the “Click Here” option, sign in and add each of your children to your household account.


Please ensure that you are completing the daily Covid-19 screening for your child(ren).  We recognize that at times children feel fine when they leave the house but throughout the day, they may feel ill.   Students who are experiencing signs/symptoms of Covid-19 during the school day will be taken into our “isolation room” where they will be cared for until their parent/guardian can come to pick them up. 


All students who qualify for bussing will be expected to wear a mask while on a bus to and/or from school each day.  Students will have assigned seats on busses as well.  For route and stop information, visit the HSTS website at:  A reminder that there are no courtesy seats being offered this year to families who do not live within the approved bussing zones. 

For specific information about COVID-19 Safety Protocols that are in place for students while travelling on the bus, please visit


  • Parents are asked to walk their children to the fence and a staff member will walk them directly into their class.
  • Please ensure that you are dropping your child and leaving right away.  Public Health has asked that we not congregate.
Thursday, September 9thYear 1 Kindergarten Students – Last Names A-M ONLYANDYear 2 Kindergarten Students attend school
Friday, September 10thYear 1 Kindergarten Students – Last Names N-Z ONLYANDYear 2 Kindergarten Students attend school
Monday, September 13thAll Kindergarten Students attend school


As per the email sent from HCDSB, we will be easing into the new school year by welcoming students back to school in smaller groups on September 7 and 8.  The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, September 7th        All in-person learners with surnames beginning with the letters A-K will come to school. At secondary, all other students (remote learners AND in-person learners with surnames beginning with the letters L-Z will be learning remotely from home). 
Wednesday, September 8th          All in-person learners with surnames beginning with the letters L-Z will come to school. At secondary, all other students (remote learners AND in-person learners with surnames beginning with the letters A-K will be learning remotely from home).
Thursday, September 9th                ALL in-person learners (Grades 1 – 8, 9 – 12) will come to school. 


Downloading and using the School Messenger App is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to report your child’s absence to the school.  It even saves you having to call their absence into our school office.  If you have not downloaded this app already, we ask that all parents please do this before the start of the school year.  The instructions are listed below:


  • Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (or from the links at
  • Tap Sign Up to create an account
  • Select Attendance from the menu, and then select Report an Absence


  • Go to the website
  • Click Sign Up to create an account
  • Select Attendance from the menu, then select Report an Absence

If you wish to call in your child’s absence, we ask that you please use our toll-free attendance phone number associated with the School Messenger App.  The Instructions for this are below:

1. Call the toll-free, interactive telephone line at 1-844-445-4505.

2. Follow the instructions to report an absence.


This school year, in an effort to minimize contacts and help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, we are limiting visitor access to our school.   All visitors, including parents and HCDSB staff who are not assigned to our school, will require approval and pre-screening before entering our building. Only visits that are scheduled in consultation with the principal, will be approved.  Where possible, meetings or visits will be conducted virtually.  Visitors who are granted approval will be required to complete an online confirmation of self-screening form prior to entering our school. Once inside, all visitors will be required to wear masks.   We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do all we can to ensure a safe and healthy return to school for all.   Please understand that you may be refused entry into the school.  We encourage you to call the school AND to leave a voicemail if no one answers the phone right away.  The voicemail is checked every couple of minutes.  This is the best way to get information to our office staff and/or your child’s teacher.  

Thank you for your understanding and assistance as we work together to protect our students, families, and staff so that we can ensure a safe and healthy return to school for all.

MacLennan, LisaSchool Weekly Update-September 6, 2021