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School Weekly Update February 1, 2021

“And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us. but what stands before us.” ~ Amanda Gorman

Black History Month

During Black History Month, Canadians celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and prosperous nation it is today.

Black History Month is a time to learn more about these Canadian stories and the many other important contributions of Black Canadians to the settlement, growth and development of Canada, and about the diversity of Black communities in Canada and their importance to the history of this country. Our staff and students will be spending the month involved in various classroom learning aimed at providing opportunities to better appreciate these contributions made by our Black Canadians past and present.

Parish News

Please visit St. Paul the Apostle Parish website for updates.

All our scheduled celebrations of the Sacraments of have been POSTPONED indefinitely due to the current pandemic lockdown/stay-at-home order. Parents of those registered to participate have already been notified by email. New dates will be communicated by all available means when it is appropriate to do so.

A Message from Director Daly:

As you may have heard in the media, earlier today the Ontario government provided an update on the period of school closures and teacher-led remote learning. The announcement indicated that in-person learning will resume next week in schools that fall within 4 additional public health units.

Halton Region was NOT on this list, and therefore HCDSB schools will remain closed for in-person learning until further notice.

The Ministry of Education has not provided a date when our Halton schools are expected to reopen for full in-person instruction.  Read the Ministry’s News Release.

What Does This Mean?

  • Elementary and secondary students will continue to learn remotely until further notice
  • Students enrolled in the Virtual Elementary School will continue to follow their established schedules. 
  • The change in learning format between in-person and virtual instruction will be delayed until schools re-open for in-person learning.
  • Students with special education needs who cannot be accommodated through remote learning will continue to receive in-person support during the extended remote learning period.
  • Child care centres will remain OPEN for the duration of these time-limited public health actions.  
  • All Before and After School Programs will remain CLOSED until in-person learning resumes.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available, and will share information in the following ways:

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to the time when we can reopen our schools fully to in-person learning. In the meantime, we remain committed to working with our families to provide a quality Catholic education for our students that is flexible and engaging. 

As always, I hold all members of our HCDSB community in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to follow the advice of our Public Health officials to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

PA Day – Reminder

A reminder Friday, February 5th, 2021 is an HCDSB designated Professional Activity Day. Online learning will not take place on this day and teacher-led remote learning will commence on Monday, February 8th.

Physical Education While Learning Online

As much as possible, and while respecting individual student needs and family circumstances, students will be learning across all areas of the curriculum, including Health and Physical Education, while online. As educators plan instruction for the next week, please review the information in the attachment about how to prepare your child and the learning environment so that he or she can participate in physical education successfully and safely while at home.Remote-HPE-Parent-Guardian-Informaiton-and-ChecklistDownload

Winter Water Safety

The safety and well-being of our students and families is always our greatest priority, and we work closely with our partners to share important information to help keep our community safe.

 As the province-wide lockdown continues and families are exploring ways to stay active outdoors, the risk of water-related incidents are increasing.

 Conservation Halton and the four municipalities in Halton have issued some important reminders and water safety tips to help keep our families safe during the winter months. 

 Some of these measures include: 

  • Keep family members and pets away from all bodies of water. 
  • Don’t follow pets or people on the ice or attempt to rescue – call 911 for assistance. 
  • Avoid recreational activities in or around waterways and check with your local municipality for alternative outdoor skating opportunities. 
  • Recreation of any kind is not permitted on stormwater management ponds. These areas can be very dangerous and should be avoided at all times. 

Please take a few minutes to share these important reminders with your children. For more information, please read the joint News Release.

Promoting Well Being: 10 ways to beat the January blahs through outdoor play  

~ Dorothay Gass  January 11, 2021  

When the holidays are over, along with all the magic and excitement that comes with them, January can feel like a long, dark, and boring month. The best way to beat those January blahs? Get outside and play! Here are 10 ways to do just that.

1. Try winter stargazing

Bundle up the family in snowsuits, hats, toques, and the whole kit-and-kaboodle, and head outside on a clear evening for some winter stargazing.

Don’t just make it any casual neighbourhood walk. Avoid areas with streetlamps and head out to a conservation area or a dark field close by to take in all the beauty the sky has to offer. Bring headlamps to guide you along your path until you find the perfect place to stare upward.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of stargazing. Even if you can’t name more than a few constellations, you can appreciate a starry sky on a clear night. There are also a plethora of apps and websites to help you find planets and patterns in the stars

2. Try a new winter sport

Is there a winter sport that you’ve always wanted to try that you’ve never gotten around to? Perhaps this is your year! From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating or tobogganing, there are many snow sports that you can dive into.

While equipment for some of these sports can seem costly and overwhelming, there are plenty of facilities out there that offer rentals and lessons. If that’s not an option, check out second-hand stores for already used and lower-priced items.

3. Try some summer fun in the snow

There are certain outdoor activities we tend to associate with the summer months, like playing lawn darts, horseshoes, or setting up a fun obstacle course during a Sunday family picnic. With that said, these and many other outdoor activities can still be done in the winter months too! Make it a game to see which summer games can be adapted for ice and snow.

There are plenty of ideas for children’s winter obstacle courses online. Plus you can replace hula hoops, pool noodles, and other “props” with colourful snow paint!

4. Hop on a fat-tire bike

Speaking of summer fun in January, a fat-tire bike is just like a regular bike, but with oversized tires and rims designed to allow for bike riding in the snow, as well as mud, sand, and bogs. It’s a perfect way to shake your blahs with a good workout, and ideal for avid bike riders who don’t want to give up what they love because of a little snow. Why not see if there are some available for rent in your area?

5. Blow ice bubbles

For those with little ones, blowing and chasing bubbles in your front or backyard in the snow is a great way to get outside and stay active. They’ll enjoy the activity, running around, fresh air, and watching those beautiful bubbles freeze and stick to the snow!

6. Play frozen freeze tag 

Pardon the pun, but you’ll do anything but “freeze” with a good old-fashioned game of freeze tag in the snow. Head to an open area in your neighbourhood, and let the games begin! You’ll be active, outdoors, and create some great family memories.  

7. Be a good neighbour

Do something this January that’s good for your body, mind, and soul! Sometimes the best way to beat the blahs is by doing a good deed. Bundle up the family after a hefty snowfall, grab your shovels, and clear up your drive, as well as others on your street. The feeling of knowing you’ve made someone’s life a little easier will add a bounce to your step. Plus, the physical activity itself is sure to help build some arm muscles. Make sure to stretch before and after!

8. Go on a winter scavenger hunt

Preschoolers love to keep busy and they love being outdoors. Scavenger hunts are a go-to activity for birthday parties and other gatherings, so why not do the same in January? Search for winter scavenger hunt printable sheets online—there are plenty to choose from these days.

9. Go for a snowy hike

Bundle up, find your nearest wooded area, and explore! There’s nothing more stunning than being outdoors after a fresh snowfall. Bring a camera to capture your postcard-like surroundings, and even bring unsalted sunflower seeds to sprinkle on snow. Chickadees love to snack on these, and if you stay still enough, you can place them in the palm of your hand. If you’re lucky, you can experience seeing this sweet little bird up close and personal! 

10. Go to the park

Most families love a nice day at the park in spring, summer, or fall, weather-permitting; however, it can be just as fun in January! Just make sure to pack snow pants for the kids, which will make barreling down that snowy slide that much more fun.

Remember that the winter weather may change what your kids can and can’t do on a play structure. While the swing sets will probably be okay to use, if the slides, monkey bars, and other areas of the structure are too icy for play, your kids will have to think of other creative ways to enjoy the park!

If the structure can’t be properly played on, your kids can still have fun at the park in January! They could build a snow fort under the structure or have a snowball fight in and around it. You could build a snowman in the sandbox, or even create a “target” on the play structure where your kids can aim with snowballs. They can have just as much fun at the park in January as they do in July!

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Looking Ahead:

Black History Month begins
Feb 1 all day
Seton Spirit Wear Day!
Feb 1 all day
World Cancer Awareness Day!
Feb 4 all day
PA Day- school closed no classes on-line or in-person today
Feb 5 all day
Family Day Weekend~ Holiday
Feb 15 all day

We hope you can enjoy the Family Day weekend and Valentine’s Day ~ see you on Tuesday!

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