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Bell Let’s Talk- Mental Health Bitmoji Classroom

Mental Health is a priority for everyone! Check out the important learning to stay well!

Welcome! Click on the following and enjoy!

Check out all the cool resources in the different locations in this Bitmoji classroom created by our CYC Mrs. Neely Dawson.

Distress Centre Halton logo: Takes you to the website

Kids Help Phone Logo: Takes you to the website

Mrs. Dawson:: Video of Lucy’s Blue Day. A story about emotions and mental health for kids. (Gr. 1 – 4)

Eraser: Video of erasing the stigma of mental illness (Gr. 5 – 8)

Meditation Room Door: Takes you to a meditation room with interactive items that lead to calming videos and coping skills. 

Balloons: Video about balloon breathing 

Bell lets talk sign: Teacher, Parent resources and links for mental health

Brain: Video about understanding mental illness

Cell Phone: Takes you to the Bell Let’s Talk social media engagement page with hashtag information 

Help button: Video for How to ask for help 

Book: Parent video for how you can help with your child’s mental health 

Tips for self care and mental health picture: Video about coping skills

Be a Mental Health Champion~ reach out to your family, friends, and neighbours and see how you can support each other. Let’s Talk!

Our staff are here to support our school community too.


Williams, KellyBell Let’s Talk- Mental Health Bitmoji Classroom