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The Show We Have Been Waiting For…

Seton’s Got Talent !

We have worked hard the last few weeks to try to continue to keep our students engaged with some community spirit initiatives. We are excited to launch our St. Elizabeth Seton Talent show today!

Below is a list of our very talented students in grade order that appear in our first Virtual Talent Show. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for sharing your God given talents with us!

We want to give a big shout out to Ms. A. Soares our Arts teacher who put this awesome show together for us- thank you for sharing your talent with us too!

There are some surprise appearances by some staff at the end as well! We hope you enjoy😊

  1. Catherine C. FDK
  2. Marius L. FDK
  3. Maddie D. FDK
  4. Lila P. FDK
  5. Kaia G.  FDK
  6. Angeline G. grade 1
  7. Angelica G. grade 1
  8. Maya I. grade. 1
  9. Nora G. grade 1
  10. Thomas V grade 1
  11. Vienna C. grade 2
  12. Alex D. grade 2
  13. Sophia V. grade 2
  14. Victoria C. grade 3
  15. Maya P grade 3.
  16. Mikaela H. grade 3
  17. Eli S. grade 3
  18. Jameson G. grade 4
  19. Olivia Z. grade 5
  20. Sophie T.  grade 7
  21. Natalia C. grade 7
  22. Abby P. grade 8

Here is the link:

Elementary PrincipalThe Show We Have Been Waiting For…