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September 16 SIP Day Agenda

September 16, 2019 SIP Day

On Monday, September 16th, we are having a professional activity day to review and reflect upon our School Improvement Plan.

St. Elizabeth Seton PA Day Agenda 
1. Gathering in prayer
2. Introduction to the purpose of the day
3. Sharing of observations in current classrooms in relation to Problem of Practice
4. SIPSA review & current data discussion- determine if POP still relevant?
5. Staff PD- What is Accountable Talk?
7. Staff PD- Group learning about Accountable Talk & Independent reading of Ministry Monograph
8. Placemat sharing of learning
10. Carousel opportunities for staff to engage in accountable talk using STEM STARTERS
11. Divisions meet to develop success criteria and plan for roll-out
12. CONSOLIDATION: Sharing the plan and next steps for staff Professional Development

Elementary PrincipalSeptember 16 SIP Day Agenda