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School Weekly Update March 25, 2019

Let us allow God to fill our hearts with his goodness and mercy. ~Pope Francis

Lenten Food Drive

The Good Shepherd has identified their top donation priorities which we can focus on.  Items such as sugar, small oil, puddings, jams, crackers, canned fruit, pasta sauce, instant coffee, canned vegetables, small packages of noodles, canned pasta, cereal, cookies, any toiletries, peanut free kids’ snacks, and granola bars are very much appreciated.  All donations are greatly appreciated and will be accepted March 18th – April 5th .

Thank you for your continued support with our Lenten Food Drive.

Regional Public Speaking Competition

Our Regional Public Speaking Competition took place at St., Elizabeth Seton, last Wednesday, March 20th. We are grateful to our guests who attended and our staff, student and judges who volunteered their time to make this event a great success. All of the speakers shared exceptional speeches which included connections to our faith. We are very proud of our student Morrisan who was chosen as the overall winner this year.


Students have been enjoying our new LEGO wall that has been installed in the Library Learning Commons (LLC). We are grateful to the students that have been willing to sacrifice a few pieces of LEGO for our Makerspace. Classrooms with LEGO donations will be joining the school challenge on Tuesday, March 26th that has been organized by Mrs. DiBlassio’s Gr. 4/5.

We are considering offering The Quantum Kidz Lunchtime LEGO Club run by “Quantum Kidz” for students in Gr.1-6. They offer 5 workshops at lunchtimes that promote STEAM skills and challenges. A representative will be visiting classes to explain the program and information will be sent home to see if we have an interest in this initiative.

Spirit Days

We are grateful to all the students who wore Funky Socks last week to help celebrate diversity for Down Syndrome Day on Thursday, March 21. We have two more spirit days coming up in April. Students are welcome to wear their St. Elizbeth Seton Spirit wear at the start of the month on April 1st. As well, we are celebrating World Autism Awareness Day on Tuesday, April 2. Staff and students will be encouraged to wear blue in support to celebrate school spirit and diversity.

Halton Region Parent Tips: Resiliency

Resiliency is commonly thought of as the ability to ‘bounce back’ when faced with a challenge. It helps us to cope with our feelings so we can learn from experience and move forward. For a child this could mean; having a disagreement with a friend, failing a test or not making a team.

Tips for raising resilient children:

  • Build and maintain relationships. Children need to feel that they belong and have people who support them.
  • Be a positive role model. Children learn by watching.
  • Teach optimistic thinking. Children with a positive outlook have more confidence and self-esteem.
  • Use positive discipline practices. Help children learn and understand the impact of their behaviours, actions, and choices. Set clear, reasonable limits. Tell and show what behaviour is expected (not just what children shouldn’t do) and use fair consequences.
  • Give children choices. Helps build decision-making skills.
  • Encourage creative problem-solving. Helps children think about alternate solutions.
  • Teach children how to be assertive. Show children how to confidently and respectfully communicate their thoughts, feelings and needs to others in a way that is not hurtful.
  • Help your child identify and develop strengths. Encourage them to try new things. Praise their efforts.
  • Help your child identify and name their feelings. Learning to recognize and label their emotions is the first step in teaching ways to effectively express emotions.
  • Build parenting resiliency. Ask for help. Read parenting books or attend parenting workshops.

Are You Moving?

If you are moving at the end of this year or prior to the start of next year, we kindly ask that you inform the school office as soon as possible and let us know which school/school board your child will be attending. Having this information is helpful as we begin to organize for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Enjoy our first full week of spring!

St. Elizabeth Seton Satff

LEGO Challenge Donations due today!
Mar 25 all day

Our Gr. 4/5 class are leading this STEAM LEGO challenge! Our goal is to collect 1500 Lego Bricks to build our materials in the Makespace inside the Library Learning Commons for our students.

Classes will be encouraged to participate in the school challenges on March 26th. Every brick counts!

Lunch Basket
Mar 25 @ 11:45 am – 12:15 pm
Lunch Box
Mar 26 @ 11:15 am – 12:30 pm
Pizza Day
Mar 28 @ 11:45 am – 12:15 pm
New Milk Session Starts April 1 – June 28
Apr 1 all day


Elementary PrincipalSchool Weekly Update March 25, 2019