Safe Arrival

The purpose of the Safe Arrival Program is to ensure that your child arrives safely at school. We encourage and appreciate your cooperation in calling the school to let us know that your child(ren)will not be attending (905-827-3275).

When you call the safe arrival line you will get our answering machine. Please clearly state your child’s name, grade and teacher and the reason and length (if known) for the absence.

Another option is to email: with the same info.

Buses Cancelled, School Open Procedure:

Do not call the school for this information.  Check either the School Board website ( or

*************Read this carefully please*************

If transportation is cancelled and your child is a bus student DO NOT call or e-mail to tell us your child will be absent. 

If your child is not a bus student and will not be attending DO call or e-mail to tell us your child will be absent.

As well please keep in mind that buses are cancelled for the full day so if your child normally takes the bus and you choose to drive them to school you must make arrangements (in advance please) as to how they will get home.

We have over 600 students to account for so we really appreciate that you follow the above. 

Remember: bus – don’t call; walker – call (or e-mail).

#(905)827-3275 or


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