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St. Dominic Entrance and Dismissal Procedures – Starting September 9th

Entrance and Dismissal – Beginning Thursday, September 9th
Beginning on Thursday, September 9th and moving forward, our students will enter the school building/ portables directly upon arrival in the morning. We ask that you please remind your child(ren) to physically distance as they move about the school yard and inside the school. Staff will be present in the morning to help students enter the school safely. We ask that no parents enter the school yard at this time to allow students to walk in safely. Likewise, staff have been asked to stagger dismissal to ensure students are walking out at different times. Please see below for further instructions and maps to help indicate where you can drop off/ pick up your children. At times of drop off and pick up, we ask all parents to please wear masks and respect our rules around not congregating and social distancing.
Morning Entrance – Direct Entry
Please note that supervision begins at 8:05 am – please ensure students are not dropped off prior to this time. Students are asked to be dropped off in our Kiss & Ride/ Bus area, front gate by the parking lot, and from the Kindergarten Gates.
Please see the map below.

Afternoon Dismissal – 2:50 pm
Students in grades 1 – 3 may be picked up each day (one parent only please) in the zones indicated on the dismissal map below, which are the same as the first days of school. We ask all parents to please avoid entering Zones 6-12 and the Grass Area, as our grade 4-8 students will be dismissing through these spaces. Please see the map below. It is essential that all members of our community follow our protocols to ensure there is no congregating as we dismiss our students safely. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Dismissal/Pick Up

Chininea, VinceSt. Dominic Entrance and Dismissal Procedures – Starting September 9th