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Weekly Update – Feb. 8th – 12th

Return to In-Person School – February 8th:
We are thrilled to open our doors again and welcome back our students and staff tomorrow morning! We want to extend a big thank you to parents for all your support through the remote learning period. Likewise, we express sincere thanks and appreciation for our terrific staff, who quickly switched to remote learning and did a wonderful job supporting our students over the past five weeks! We must continue to come together as a community, both inside and out of school, to do our part to minimize the risk for our staff, students and families each day (please see below for important updates/reminders). We look forward to returning to school and bringing some form of normalcy back to our days and weeks. Take care and always know you can contact us at the school in the event you require support for your family.

Transition in Learning Formats
For students where a change in learning format was requested, the transition to the new format will now take place on Tuesday, February 16th.
In the interim, students will remain with their current learning format and can still access curriculum through face-to-face learning this week, or with their current virtual teacher from the Virtual School until the switch takes place. Please connect with your child’s current teacher if you have any questions. 

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols
In addition to enhanced protocols for staff and students during our school day, an important reminder is you must continue monitoring your children for symptoms of COVID-19 and complete the Ontario School Screening Tool for each child, each morning, before sending them to school.

The Ministry now requires that masks be worn outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
As we cannot ensure physical distancing is being maintained while students are outside during recess, effective Monday, February 8th, all students will now be required to wear their masks when outside at recess and outside after lunch. Please make sure your child has at least two to three masks to get them through the day. All teachers will ensure that mask breaks are provided throughout the day. Please click here to view a tip sheet from Halton Public Health on wearing masks correctly – for students

Entrance and Dismissal Routines
With the start of our first week back with all students, we will start with new routines as of this Monday. Please CLICK HERE to view the entrance and dismissal routines we established in the fall. It is essential that we practice and model appropriate health and safety measures for our students as we arrive to school and dismiss at the end of the day.

To help minimize the spread of COVID-19, we have received Ministry direction to continue to follow physical distancing measures both inside our schools and in outside areas. Please ensure that when you come to the school to drop off or pick up your child(ren) you are wearing a mask and you must remain physically distanced from others. Please utilize the space we have provided at the end of the day on our playground and spread out to avoid congregating in one area. School staff will be monitoring to ensure that children are not gathering in groups before school starts and after school. Please review with your children about the need to follow physical distancing guidelines and remind your older children to refrain from congregating in groups before and after school.

YMCA Before and After School Program
Our YMCA Before and After School Programs will reopen on Monday, February 8th at their regular times.  

Please CLICK HERE to view the HCDSB’s revised Return to School Plan, in case you missed the email from last week.
As we move through the winter weeks ahead, please let your child’s classroom teachers know if you are recognizing any concerns with how your they are feeling. Please see the following links below for additional resources:
HCDSB Mental Health & Well-being Support
School Mental Health Ontario
The Halton Centre – Workshops to Reduce Stress & Worry
Return of Borrowed Chromebooks and Technology:
We respectfully ask all students who were using a Chromebook or another device that belongs to our school or the Board, return them to the school, starting tomorrow. Devices can be returned directly to the office or to your child’s classroom teacher. Please ensure power cords are attached/included and they are labeled with child’s/children’s name. We would like to have all technology returned by this Friday, February 12th – thank you for your cooperation.
Valentine’s Day Celebrations:
St. Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, February 14th, and while the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is a time when students typically enjoy sharing Valentine’s cards and small gifts with one another, this year in light of COVID-19, we will need to be extra cautious to ensure we are following the health and safety protocols that are in place to protect our students, families and staff.
If your child would like to bring something in to share with classmates for St. Valentine’s Day, please ensure:
that only a traditional Valentine’s card (paper) is brought in
-that there are enough items to share with everyone in the class so that all students are included (no class is larger than 25); and
-that the items are sent to the classroom teacher no later than Tuesday, February 9th. 
In accordance with the Halton Public Health COVID-19 Guidance for Handling Materials, materials that are not able to withstand disinfection should be stored for a period of 1-3 days to ensure any virus that may be on the material is inactivated.
Your child’s teacher will hold onto the Valentine’s items for three (3) days, and they will be distributed on Friday, February 12th.
Any items received after February 9th, will not be distributed until Tuesday, February 16th.
Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we continue to adapt our practices to keep our students, staff and families healthy and safe.
Local Love Day/Paint the Town Red Day – United Way Halton:
On February 12th, 2021 we will join our school board and region in celebrating “Local Love Day/Paint the Town Red Day” for the United Way (Halton). The need to support many in our community continues to increase, especially during this pandemic. Students are asked to wear red for this spirit day and families can make an optional small donation through our Cash Online program. You should receive an email event from Cash Online come through this afternoon! Thanks in advance!
Uniform Dress Code Reminders:
As we informed you weeks ago, beginning February 1st, 2021, McCarthy Uniforms, who serviced our board for many years previously, has returned. Please click here to read more about registering, to view items for our school, and for information about the Board’s updated uniform policy.
As we return to school for Term 2, we want to remind all parents and students that students must be in full uniform (Tops with our school embroidered logo and navy pants/bottoms, absent of logos or markings of any kind). As of February 1st, a new board policy has come into effect and you may purchase navy bottoms from any vendor/store. Should you have any concerns about purchasing uniforms or require financial support, please contact Mrs. Durand or Mr. Chininea any time. Thank you in advance for cooperation.
Safe Arrival Program:
As we begin back at school, a reminder that it is essential that all absences are reported to the office in a timely manner. Please enter/report all student absences moving using School Messenger (Please click here for details), which is our only reporting system. As per board procedures, Halton Regional Police must be called after many attempts have been made to determine student whereabouts, to ensure their safety. Keeping our students safe and knowing where they are when not present is paramount. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the school. Continued thanks to Mrs. Talbot & Mrs. Dunn for their commitment in ensuring the safety of our students each day.
Signing Up/Logging Into School Messenger – Please ensure you use the same email address as we have in our system when signing up/ logging in. 
Minimized Allergen Environment (NUT FREE):
Many students in our school have life-threatening allergies (anaphylaxis) and we do everything we can here at the school to keep them safe. One of the strategies we use to help keep our students safe is to remind parents, guardians and caregivers to kindly ensure that you send your child to school with peanut-free/nut-free food products to school.  This includes look-a-like products to peanut butter.  These products claim to be so close in smell, taste and texture to peanut butter, that it is nearly impossible for students and staff to distinguish between a look-a-like product and authentic peanut butter.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the look-a-like products at home and preventing a mix-up of the two products, where the results could be life-threatening. For this same reason, we cannot accept treats for birthdays or celebrations (for all students) and monitor this very closely. Please take a moment to discuss this with your children, reminding them of the importance of not sharing food items and letting staff know if they have any concerns.
Kindergarten Registration Still Open for 2021-2022:
A reminder to all that we are still accepting new kindergarten registrations for the next school year. Please click here to read more details from our homepage. Please note that review and confirmation of documentation will take place in person when schools reopen.


Keeping Our School & Community Healthy & Safe:
The province continues to be shutdown, with measures in place for all individuals. Please see below for reminders and click on the links to review all guidelines and measures outlined by the provincial government and Halton Public Health.
Halton Region Public Health
Ministry Guidelines

Stay home, except for essential purposes such as going to work or school, buying essentials such as groceries, and attending medical appointments. Maintain a physical distance of two metres (six feet) from those outside their household. Those that live alone may join one designated household. Avoid all social gatherings such as play dates, birthday parties, and dinner parties with friends or family.
COVID-19 Test Results:
·       If any member of your immediate family tests positive for COVID-19, all members of the family must stay home and self-isolate, even if they have no symptoms. Please follow the direction of Halton Public Health.

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