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Weekly Update – Nov. 16th – 20th

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week 2020 – Nov. 15th – 21st:
Our theme this year is, “Celebrating our Differences!”
Our staff and students will engage in a variety of activities and classroom discussions this week, which focus on treating each other with Dignity, Kindness and Respect.
Below please see a brief guide for the week:
Last Week – November 9th-13th – announcements completed each day promoting our Diversity Day and Bullying Prevention Week.
This Week:
Monday November 16th – It’s Diversity Day! – To kick off our week and emphasize our theme, we welcome all students to wear something that represents their family’s heritage and culture. They may wear anything that represents their/your country of origin (including traditional attire, jerseys, other accessories & clothing items). Students do not need to wear uniform bottoms.
Tuesday November 17thOur Student Ambassadors will lead with announcements (audio recordings) – Random Act of Kindness day at St. Dominic!

Wednesday November 18thOur Student Ambassadors will lead with announcements (audio recordings) – Classroom activities/discussions
Thursday Wednesday November 19th Our Student Ambassadors will lead with announcements (audio recordings) – Everyone is invited to wear blue socks or blue accessories to show that here at St. Dominic we are promoting kind and healthy relationships.
Friday November 20thMorning announcement (Student Ambassadors) – All students will take the anti-bullying pledge

Each member of our school will also complete part of our “Celebrating our Differences” Tree by adding their individual finger print with paint. In the end, we will have a tree up in our school, which includes everyone’s finger print to symbolize our uniqueness and that together we are one. By adding our finger print, we also confirm our commitment to our pledge to refrain from bullying-like behaviour and to celebrate each other’s differences. We will continue to emphasize this message and our motto, here at St. Dominic to treat each other as Jesus taught us to, with DIGNITY, KINDNESS AND RESPECT!
COVID-19 and Health & Safety:
As of tomorrow, Monday, November 16th, Halton Region will be in the “Red Zone” as per the Provincial government’s decision. With this news and the recent cases at our school, it is crucial that we all do our part to prevent exposure and the spread of COVID-19. We continue to work closely with our Board and Halton Public Health to review our measures and protocols at the school.

Masks – all students from kindergarten to grade 8 must wear appropriate masks, covering their nose and mouth. Decisions made by the Ministry of Education and our School Board Trustees prior to school starting, ensure all students are wearing masks at school. The direction of when students can remove masks throughout the school day was mandated by the Board, at the direction of Halton Public Health. As per the protocols, students can have a mask break during recesses (safely storing them during this time) and of course when they are eating snacks/lunch. At these times, students must hand sanitize or wash prior to and afterwards. We have consulted with our board’s health and safety department with regards to our practices. With the weather changing and students wearing jackets outside, students are welcome to now wear their masks as they walk in the halls out for recess and as they walk back inside. Masks can be safely stored in their jacket pockets, a pouch or safe lanyard you provide for them. We ask all parents to speak with your children to confirm which practice is best for you and your children.

Physical Distancing – As part of our daily announcements, both for the whole school and in our classrooms, students are reminded of protocols in place. They are reminded about maximum occupancy in particular locations of the school, wearing masks, hand sanitizing and also physical distancing. Physical distancing for students during recess play has proven to be a difficult task for us as a staff. We respectfully ask that you take some time to speak with your children about the importance of following our direction and reminders on a daily basis. We understand that our students need time to freely play and we will continue to promote moving outdoors for play and learning as much as possible.

We cannot control what happens outside of school, however, Public Health continues to strongly recommend limiting social groups for students, especially when PPE is not being worn.
The spread of COVID-19 in the community is beyond our control and each and everyone of us can equally be affected. However, we will continue to do our best at school to enforce measures and protocols. Please continue to do your part and follow the recommendations of public health outside of the school.

We continue to review our protocols, provided by Public Health Halton and the HCDSB for students and staff. It is important we follow the daily screenings provided by the ministry. We respectfully ask that you continue to follow the information we have received up to this point regarding monitoring our symptoms and following the direction of health care providers/Public Health.

Ministry Daily Screening for School (also posted at the top menu bar of our homepage)
Click here for a symptoms checklist and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). Return to School Protocol – Update Oct. 2020
Maintaining Physical Distance/ Masking on School Grounds:
In order to minimize risk within our school community, we continue to ask that you please wear a mask when dropping off/picking up your children as well as other times you may be on school property. For students in grades 1-3, kindergarten and/or any other grades, we ask that only one parent come on to our playground zones to pick up during these times. Likewise, we ask that you please maintain physical distancing practices as you wait for your children. We thank you for your cooperation and support.
2020-2021 School Major Fundraiser – Please donate!
We will continue with our major fundraiser for ONLY ONE MORE WEEK! We continue to have a low participation rate and we are hoping more families will have the opportunity to donate soon. Thank you to those who have donated already! We are looking to build our school technology supplies and support many more activities/resources needed for our students! Please click HERE to read more about our school fundraiser and specific instructions to donate. Thank you in advance for your contributions!!!
Click here to read from our website homepage feature story
Progress Report Cards & Parent/Teacher Conferences:
Progress Report Cards will be sent home on Tuesday, November 24th. Similar to the process we had in place in June, progress report cards will be sent home electronically by email. We will send additional information as necessary in order to access these reports.
We will also hold our traditional parent/teacher conferences on Thursday, November 26th (3:10 pm – 8:30 pm) and Friday, November 27th during school hours. Our conferences will take place by phone calls directly with teachers OR virtually on Microsoft Teams, with the duration of each conference being 10 minutes in length.

You will receive an email today with instructions to sign up and booking will be available immediately and up until November 24th at 11:00 pm. We look forward to connecting with all parents!
Student Belongings Each Day:
As we move further into the school year, we are reviewing issues emerging each day and week. We have noticed an increase of student items being dropped off throughout the day, creating interruptions as we continuously call into the classrooms. We are here to help you with any family needs you have. However, to limit the number of interruptions we are experiencing, we kindly ask that you work with your children and have them prepare for the next school day, packing all necessary materials. Thank you for your cooperation.
Grade 2 Sacraments – Reconciliation and First Communion:
Grade 2 parents are asked to see the attached Grade 2 Sacrament booklet from St. Dominic Parish. Please note the upcoming parent information night taking place on November 19th at 7:00 (in the parish hall).
First Communion & Reconciliation Pamphlet 2020-2021
Dogs on School Property:
We continue to kindly remind all families that there should not be any dogs on school property for the safety of all students. Thank you for your cooperation.


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Have a great week!
Your Partners in Catholic Education,
P. Durand & V. Chininea
Gr. 2 Parents Meeting – First Communion (Parish Hall) @ St. Dominic Parish
Nov 19 @ 7:00 pm
Progress Reports Go Home (By Email)
Nov 24 all day
School Liturgy (Virtual – Led by Grade 6s – Human Rights & Responsibilities)
Nov 25 all day
Parent/Teacher Conferences (By Phone or Virtual)
Nov 26 @ 3:10 pm – 8:30 pm
P.A. Day (No School for Students)
Nov 27 all day
Parent/Teacher Conferences (By Phone or Virtual)
Nov 27 @ 8:20 am – 2:30 pm
Angel Tree & Mitten Tree Advent Initiatives
Dec 1 – Dec 15 all day
Chininea, VinceWeekly Update – Nov. 16th – 20th