Elementary Principal


Elementary Principal

St. Paul Parish News – March 2020

St. Paul the Apostle Parish News Update March 2020 As we have now entered into the season of Lent there are many additional services and events at the Parish. We look forward to seeing our community come together during this special time. • Stations of the Cross & Benediction will be offered every Friday of

St. Paul Parish Update – Feb 2020

St. Paul the Apostle Parish Update February 2020 The parish is happy to be celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation with our Grade 7 students this month. On February 8th students from St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Timothy and St. Anne will receive the sacrament, followed on February 22nd by students from Canadian Martyrs, St. Christopher and

Mental Health Tip of the Month

Parent Tip: How to talk with your child when you feel concerned that they may be struggling with a mental health concern: It can be challenging to talk about mental health. Sometimes parents, like others, avoid the conversation because they don’t know how to start or they worry that they might put thoughts into their

Notre Dame Trivia Night

TRIVIA NIGHT PDF 2020 Please see the link to Notre Dame’s Trivia Night

2019 Rabies Update in Halton Region

Rabies is a fatal disease that affects the central nervous system of warm-blooded animals, including humans. The virus spreads through exposure to saliva from infected animals – bites, scratches, or licks on broken skin and mucous membranes such as eyes or mouth. After someone is exposed to rabies, timely administration of rabies treatment can prevent

St. Paul Parish Update – November 2019

St. Paul Parish Update – November 2019 A reminder that the annual Catholic Women’s League Christmas Bazaar runs this Saturday November 9th from 9am-3pm. Admission is $1. There are wonderful vendors, activities, food and fun being offered so please make time to come to the church that day and support this important event Coffee Sunday

Halloween Dance-a-thon Schedule

Please remember that Halloween envelopes are due Thursday Oct 24th, and that we are sill accepting donations for the prize table. Thanks for your continued support of StC. Halloween Dance-a-thon Schedule