About Our School Council

Strengthening Our Partnerships

In accordance with the directive of the Ministry of Education, the Halton Catholic District School Board has established its policy for the successful operation of School Councils within its schools.  The policy is premised on the beliefs that:

  • Education is a shared responsibility among the home, school, Church and community at large.
  • Parents are the most vital and influential teacher of their own children. Parental involvement in a child’s education is critical to the child’s successful growth.
  • Schools play a substantial role in the academic, social and emotional development of children and require the assistance of all individuals in order to continue to accomplish these goals.
  • The Catholic Church provides the context and focus on Catholic values for all its partners. The spiritual development of the child is undertaken in conjunction with the home, school and Church.
  • Implementation of Catholic School Councils which will provide a further opportunity for parents to increase their involvement in the school while giving the community a sense of ownership in the education system.

Representatives and Council Roles
• Chair/OAPCE Rep: Janelle DelBove
• Non-Teaching and Teaching Reps: Alm Cerqueira / Mary Mahler
• Secretary: Elizabeth Ogiltree
• Community Representative: Melanie Fowler
• Parish Rep: Marcia Milsom

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