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Civvies Days for 2018/19 – School Cash Online

 Civvies Days for 2018/19 – School Cash Online $10

Please see the attached schedule for Civvies days for the 2018-2019 school year. Rather than collect $2 cash for each paid civvies day throughout the year, we are requesting that you pay $10 to School Cash Online.  In the chart below you will notice there are 9 total civvies days. School Cash Online will open immediately

At its October 9, 2018 Policy Committee meeting, the HCDSB decided to leave its fundraising policy unamended. Therefore, schools will continue to be able to direct donations to charities that they choose to support. A couple of civvies days have already been designated due to school student council initiatives, but the other designated charity days will be directed and determined by Mr. McCarles in consultation with school council.


October 31st Halloween – Students can wear costumes
November 22nd Civvies Day
December 14th Christmas Jammies
January 18th Civvies Day – ‘We’ Create Change’ (We Day initiative)
February 27th Pink Shirt Day – (Anti-Bullying)
March 22nd Civvies Day
April 2nd Civvies Day – Autism Awareness
May 17th Civvies Day
June Civvies during uniform swap
McCarles, GordCivvies Days for 2018/19 – School Cash Online