About Our School

.St. Catherine of Alexandria School is located in Georgetown, Ontario. It is part of the Christ the King Family of Schools within the Halton Catholic District School Board and is a parish school of Holy Cross Parish. The school opened its doors on September 3, 2001, and is named after St. Catherine of Alexandria, patroness of philosophy and preachers. Her love of learning and faith makes her a great example for teachers and students.

As a community of faith with Christ as our centre, St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic School embodies the Catholic social teachings of Human Dignity through an acceptance of the true uniqueness of each individual while interacting with the mind, heart and hands of Jesus.

In partnership with home and parish, our staff is dedicated to promoting a learning environment that encourages excellence and enables all students to reach their potential through the recognition of their individual giftedness.

Our Patron Saint

St. Catherine of Alexandria was born near the end of the third century of a noble family. Converted to Christianity through a vision, she had a great interest in learning and study, especially the deep questions of philosophy and religion. She was fearless in sharing the beliefs of her faith with others. The political leaders at the time, who were intimidated by Catherine because she was converting many to the faith.  She was persecuted and ultimately put to death for her beliefs.

St. Catherine of Alexandria saw the beauty of her Christian beliefs and that is why she could so effectively share and convince others of her faith.

The feast day of St. Catherine is celebrated on November 25th.

Relic of St. Catherine

Our school has been honoured to receive a First Class relic of our patron saint, St. Catherine of Alexandria. Relics are given one of 3 classifications: First Class relics are fragment of the body, Second Class relics are threads of their clothing, and Third Class relics are a fragment/thread of something they touched.

This special and unique gift was donated by Mrs. Bernadette Whelan from Acton: she was bequeathed this relic from Father Morgan – first priest of Holy Cross, Georgetown and St. Joseph’s, Acton. The relic is in the display case in our school outside the office, across from the forum.

Prayer of St. Catherine

Loving Father, we thank you for the gift of your saints, especially St. Catherine of Alexandria, who was sustained in life not only by her love of you, but also her desire to make you known.
Help us to make you known by the words we use, the knowledge we gain and the actions we show.
Help us to make you known through the light of knowledge and the enrichment of faith.
We thank you Father, through your Son Jesus Christ, living and reigning for ever and ever.

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