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Weekly Update #12 November 29th – December 3rd

Monday, November 29th Friday, December 3rdInternational Day of People with Disabilities Week Focus

Monday, November 29th – Thursday, December 16thAngel Tree Initiative

Monday November 29th   Advent Liturgy Week 1

Tuesday, November 30th  – Pizza Day (order is closed until the New Year!)

Wednesday, December 1st  – Pita Pit Lunch (all orders must be submitted by Sunday at 11:59 pm)

Thursday, December 2nd  – Lunch Lady (all orders must be submitted by Wednesday 8:00 a.m.)

Friday, December 3rd – International Day of People with Disabilities


As we begin our spiritual journey through the Advent season, the four candles of the Advent wreath remind us of the four weeks of waiting. We wait patiently as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. We are called to be a light to others; to radiate warmth, goodness, and compassion to all we meet.

We will also be celebrating weekly Advent liturgies prepared by our students and staff on:

     Monday, November 29, December 6th and December 13th     

Families are welcome to use celebrate Advent at home. Please see the PDF for a guide to support you at home.

Advent Prayer

Ever-loving God,

We thank you for the exciting season of Advent.

Together we travel on a journey of hope

toward greater kindness, peace and joy

in our school, our parish and our families.

May our Advent journey also bring hope

to our sisters and brothers near and far

who are in need.

We ask this in the name of Jesus,



This year, the St. Catherine of Alexandria School community will help the families at Halton Women’s Place to celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas with joy.   When a student requests an angel, the angel will have details of the type of gift card that is required.   Halton Women’s Place has asked us to include the activation receipt for the gift card.  We are asking that you simply attach the angel to the gift card and send it to school by Thursday, December 16th.

If possible when making purchases please support our school initiative of Flipgive App.

We thank you in advance on behalf of those who will have a more joyful Christmas as a result of your generosity during the Holy Season. 


St. C of A Catholic School Council would like to welcome back and extend a warm welcome to all the new families who have joined us this school year. This year, we are happy to continue our fundraising efforts through our FLIPGIVE Initiative and ask parents who haven’t yet signed up, to please consider doing so.

For those of you who are new and don’t know much about FlipGive, it is a school fundraising app that we use to help raise money for our school. Members who sign up, earn cashback by shopping online as you normally would and buying the things your family needs (or wants!) A portion of what you have spent goes back to our school. It’s that simple. The key is to start your online shopping through the FlipGive app. Once you do that you can shop at many of your usual vendors. To date, our community raised over $4800.00 just by shopping online! It’s definitely an alternative to traditional fundraising at no cost to you!

How To Join:

Join us by using our invite code: LQYGH5 in one of two ways:

1. Download the free FlipGive app at the app store OR 2. Join us online at

FlipGive is free to join and completely optional. You can also shop using the app and set up your settings to be completely anonymous if you would like by doing the following:

Go to Account Settings: scroll down you will see two boxes

1) Click the first box to show a limited profile (hides photo and last name throughout site)

2) Click the second box to hide purchase details (the brands that you earn cash with will not be shown to others)

3) Save changes.

An interesting change driven by this pandemic is that 10% of all purchases in Canada are now made online. If you happen to find yourself doing online shopping please remember to use FlipGive and help make a difference for our kids.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Patrizia Boland or Kristina Lucic at: flipgiveschoolcouncil@gmailcom


International Day of Persons with Disabilities takes place each year on December 3rd. This day is set aside to increase knowledge and understanding about disabilities. HCDSB will be recognizing International Day of Persons with Disabilities with activities throughout the week of November 29th to December 3rd. The international focus for this year is “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities towards an inclusive, accessible, and sustainable post-COVID 19 world.”


Parents and students are reminded of the “Bring Your Own Device” to school policy and agreement that identifies the expectations in regard to students’ cell phones at school. At no time should a student be using a personal phone at school to contact others, as each classroom is equipped with a phone to call home if the need may arise. Students can come to the office to call home as well. Students in grades 5-8 may be permitted by the teacher to use their personal devices for the sole purpose of academics, but when the teacher has not granted this permission, phones must be shut down and stored in the student’s backpack.  Phones and headphones should not be used throughout the day at the student’s discretion as this was clearly outlined within the BYOD policy at the beginning of the year.


In our school community, we are committed to building inclusive, Christ-centered and safe learning environments where all students can achieve, believe and belong. Racism and discrimination are not tolerated.

Silence can be interpreted as permission to those who commit hateful acts. That is why it is important for us all to “speak up” when we witness these behaviours. This includes naming racism and discrimination when we see it and confronting those who use harmful language and stereotypes.

Together we will continue to build a school community that is respectful, inclusive and caring. Let us be sources of peace, comfort and healing to one another as we work together to create a world that is free from all forms of racism, discrimination and hatred. Being a respectful, inclusive and a caring community are just some of the key ingredients to Rebuild, Restore, Renew.


Thank you for respecting our yard boundaries and ensuring that only “vested staff” are in the schoolyard with our students.

We appreciate your help in promoting safety procedures regarding the flow of traffic and pedestrians in the parking lots and Kiss ‘N Ride lanes.  Please remember that if you need to stop in the morning, please use a parking space in the parking lot. Thank you for respecting the BUS ONLY LANE at the front of the school.  Cars are never permitted in the bus lane – this is also an Emergency Vehicles lane in the case of an emergency.  All parents are asked to wear a face mask when on school property.

Please remember students report to their class when they arrive at school between  8:50 a.m. and 9:05 a.m. Students should not be arriving and entering the schoolyard areas prior to 8:50 a.m. as they are not supervised.  Please note that the YMCA staff may have their students into the yard for outdoor play prior to 8:50 a.m. – they are not able to supervise non-YMCA students.

At the end of the day, the North parking lot gets very busy and congested.  We ask all drivers to be courteous and respectful as students are moving through the parked cars getting to their rides.  Cars must not block the laneways or the Assessable Parking Spots.  We thank you in advance for following these expectations as they help keep students and parents safe.


Most classes in the school have been assigned lockers.  Lockers are used to store outerwear and indoor shoes only.

To help us keep our school clean and students safe, we ask all students keep a pair of indoor shoes at school Monday to Friday. The children will have to leave boots that they wear to school in their locker. Students are encouraged to bring an extra pair of socks to school in case their feet get wet. The water and mud can be a real problem during the upcoming winter months. We know that this can be a hassle, but we do appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter. The safety of the children is always our priority.


We have administrative procedures with respect to inclement weather conditions that assist in the decisions relating to indoor recesses. The information below is a guide to all school administrators in the Halton Catholic district school board.  Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather conditions of that day.

Administrative Procedure VI-39

EXTREME COLD: Temperature with or without wind chill

  1. Warmer than -15ºC: Students may remain outside for all outside activities
  2. Between -15º and -20ºC: students may remain outside for no longer than 20 minute intervals at a time
  3. Colder than -20ºC: students must remain inside
  4. when the temperature or wind-chill reaches -20C (twenty degrees below zero, Celsius), students will be granted immediate entry to school upon arrival, and students will remain indoors during nutrition breaks. When temperatures thresholds are in effect, students are required to keep their outdoor coats/jackets with them throughout the instructional day, in case of a need to evacuate the school.


An unfortunate reality is that winter is right around the corner. With it comes the potential for bus cancellations and emergency school closure.

When emergency conditions exist, such as inclement weather, school plant shutdown due to heating failure, etc., the health and safety of our children is our prime consideration.  Notification of school closure during winter storms, etc. will be on the Halton Catholic District School Board website, the HCDSB Twitter account and by television/radio commencing at 6:30 a.m. on the following media outlets:

CHCH TV Morning Show                 CITY TV / CP 24

CHFI (98.1 FM)                                  WAVE (94.7 FM)

Y108 (l07.9 FM)                                 95.3 Fresh FM

Virgin Radio (99.9)                            K-Lite FM (102.9 FM)

CBC Radio 2 (99.1 FM)                            CIMJ (106.1 FM)

Easy Rock (97.3 FM)                         Classical(96.3FM)

CFRB Newstalk 1010 (1010 AM)    CHML (900 AM)

CJOY Greatest Hits (1460 AM)                680NEWS

CKOC Oldies 1150 (1150 AM)                CHAM (820 AM)

CHWO Zoomer Radio (740 AM)

Information will also be available from Halton Student Transportation Services at

If for some reason, there is an early school closure, your child will be dismissed in the manner you have indicated on the Emergency School Closure Form:

  1. The walkers for whom we have received written permission will be automatically dismissed.
  2. Bus children for whom we have received written permission will be dismissed when the bus arrives.
  3. We will call parents, who have so indicated, through our phone system and they can come and pick up their children at the specified location area.

*If you do NOT submit an Emergency School Closure Form to the school, your child will not be released until you arrive.


Please note that students will be dismissed at 2:05 PM on Friday, December 17th .  Buses have been notified and will pick students up at that time.   We return to school on Monday, January 3, 2021.


With the holiday season fast approaching, families may be considering travel plans. The Ontario COVID-19 School and Child Care Screening tool is to be completed every day of the week, including weekends and holidays. The screening tool will help individuals decide if they should or should not go to school when they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have recently travelled outside of Canada. Current travel guidance from the Government of Canada states that if your family is travelling outside Canada for any reason, students not vaccinated against COVID-19 cannot attend school, camps or childcare for 14 days upon returning to Canada. As travel guidance is subject to frequent change, it will be important for families to review the requirements by the Government of Canada before making any travel arrangements outside of Canada: COVID-19 Requirements for fully vaccinated travelers and unvaccinated children less than 12 years of age.

With the holiday season approaching, it is anticipated that many staff, students and families will choose to make travel plans over the break. We would like to remind families to follow federal directives related to international travel and quarantine requirements.

Foster, JudyWeekly Update #12 November 29th – December 3rd