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Weekly Update #7 October 25-29

“Relationships are built on four principles: respect, understanding, acceptance and appreciation.” Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, October 28 – Grade 8 Parent Information Night

Friday, October 29 – Spook-tac-ular Halloween Dance


Information on registering for grade 9 at Christ the King Catholic Secondary School can be found on the Christ the King Website.  Parents will have access to a pre-recorded presentation that will be posted on the website and twitter.  The presentation is Thursday, October 28th @ 6:30 pm


We are very excited about the Spook-tac-ular Dance on Friday. Thank you to all families who have donated to the fundraiser. We are accepting donations on Cash on Line and St. Catherine of Alexandria’s website under Make a Donation. All students who make a donation will be entered into a draw to win one of four $100 gift cards.

We look forward to seeing creativity in student and staff costumes. Students should not wear masks with their costumes that cover their eyes or face. We still have to wear cloth or medical masks with our costumes.


“Teach others through your actions in the things that you do. A better world, starts, with me and you.” lyrics from We Will Rise by Wali Shah

Students are reminded of the message shared by Wali last year in a presentation at the school. New families are invited to visit his website for more information.


A continued reminder that Self-screening must be completed each day before a student attends school by using the Ontario School and Child Care Screening Tool. If a student does not pass the self-screening, they are to remain home and follow the direction given on the screening tool. To ensure the safety of all students and staff, students are not permitted to enter the school building until the self-screening has been completed.


With the return to intramurals in the near future, we would like to highlight the board protocol for Concussions.

Please see the link for details


Our school’s online Scholastic Books Fair runs until October 31.  Buy your new books at this website:


Lunch hour is from 12:05 p.m. to 1:05 p.m.  Students who have permission to leave for lunch must return at 1:05 p.m.  If your child leaves for lunch, please review expectations as he or she will be losing valuable instructional time when returning from lunch late.


We are very excited to let families know we are in the process of confirming the return of Pizza Days at St. Catherine of Alexandria. Cash on Line will be available to place orders as of Monday, October 25, 2021.

Pita Pit lunches will return on November 3. Order information will be sent out this week


Now that schools have reopened, I wanted to reach out to let you know that Lunch Lady is so excited to be returning as a lunch provider at St. Catherine of Alexandria, serving many of the favourites your children have come to enjoy.

The health and wellbeing of your children is of utmost importance to us and our kitchen and team continue to implement all the required safety protocols to serve you safely.

NEW this year! 

·         New Menu Options

·         New Website with parent resources and kids’ corner

·         New Ordering Site (password reset is required)  The Lunch Lady

We appreciate your continued support of our program, and we can’t wait to start serving your children again!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be more than happy to help you. Email me at 

Thanks Pam the Lunch Lady!


Hello St. Catherine of Alexandria Parents

Welcome back and a warm welcome to all the new families who have joined us this school year. This year, we are happy to continue our fundraising efforts through our FLIPGIVE Initiative and ask parents who haven’t yet signed up,  to please consider doing so.

For those of you who are new and don’t know much about FlipGive, it is a school fund raising app that we use to help raise money for our school. Members who sign up, earn cash back by shopping online as you normally would and buying the things your family needs (or wants!) A portion of what you have spent goes back to our school.  It’s that simple. The key is to start your on line shopping through the FlipGive app. Once you do that you can shop at many of your usual vendors. To date our community raised over $4800.00 just by shopping online!  It’s definitely an alternative to traditional fundraising at no cost to you!

How To Join:

Join us by using our invite code: LQYGH5 in one of two ways:

1. Download the free FlipGive app at the app store OR

2. Join us online at

FlipGive is free to join and completely optional.  You can also shop using the app and set up your settings to be completely anonymous if you would like by doing the following:

Go to Account Settings:  scroll down you will see two boxes

1) Click the first box to show a limited profile (hides photo and last name throughout site)

2) Click the second box to hide purchase details (the brands that you earn cash with will not be shown to others)

3) Save changes.

An interesting change driven by this pandemic is that 10% of all purchases in Canada are now made on line. If you happen to find yourself doing on line shopping please remember to use FlipGive and help make a difference for our kids.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Patrizia Boland or Kristina Lucic at:  flipgiveschoolcouncil@gmailcom

Thank you

Catholic School Council

“Unity is strength…… when there is teamwork, wonderful things can be achieved”    Mattie Stepanek


Pets are a wonderful addition to a family.  If you are walking your child to school with your pet, please do not bring the pet onto the school property. Animals are not permitted on the school property. 


October is Cyber Awareness Month. With the increase of on line activity and students using cell phones, we have a responsibility to educate everyone on the smart use of devices. Please see the link for information on a week-by-week approach to educating your family on this important topic.

Foster, JudyWeekly Update #7 October 25-29