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Weekly Update May 31- June 4

St.Catherine of Alexandria School

Weekly Update for May 31- June 4

Dear Lord,

With  You  there are no  outsiders.  We  share  the same  table,  we belong  to  the  one body  of  Christ, A body  that  extends  beyond  the  church  to  include  all.   A family  with  no  borders,  with  no  one  left  out. Too  often  judgments  and  prejudice  tear away  at  our unity  and  people  fear sharing  their true  self. They  hide  their individuality, their  mental health  struggles,   fearful of  rejection,  hatred  and  exclusion. Other differences  are  visible  –  always  in  the  open  and  always  a ready  target. Lord  God,  soften  hard  eyes  and  cure  the  blindness  that  cannot  see  the  beauty  within  each  person. Teach  us  to  treasure the unique gift that  each  person  brings  to  the world. Help  us  see  differences  for  what  they  are  –  a dazzling  rainbow  of  gifts,  a  multitude  of  blessings That  create  a rainbow  of colour in  the  fabric  of  our lives.


We hope this week has been a good one! We are anticipating some information from our Provincial Government about plans for returning to school, so stay tuned. Any information we have will be communicated to you from our Board. In the meantime, here are a few updates for next week:

Beginning Monday, May 31st, Halton youth aged 12 years of age and over who live or attend school in Halton will be able to book their COVID-19 vaccination booking appointments through Halton Region’s online booking system. Please note that children must be 12 at the time of receiving their first dose.

You received an email from the Board yesterday evening with an attached letter from Dr. Hamidah Meghani, Chief Officer of Health for Halton Region, with information about the Youth Vaccination Program in Halton, including a fact sheet with additional details. Please refer to that email for more information, or visit the Halton Region website at: Halton – COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics.

This June, and each day of every month, we are dedicated to nurturing safe, welcoming and inclusive learning environments that support student achievement and well-being in our Catholic schools.  Therefore, on Tuesday, June 1st we will launch Pride Month with HCDSB Rainbow Day – a day to love one another and celebrate our differences, just as God loves and celebrates each one of us because we are all “wonderfully made.” Students are asked to wear their most colourful clothes on Tuesday so that we have a rainbow of colours that day to celebrate acceptance and inclusion not only at St. Anne, but across our Board.

Reminder that FRIDAY, JUNE 4th is a PA DAY so there will be NO SCHOOL on this day!

Please continue to be vigilant with all the latest information and health & safety protocols from Halton Public Health. We hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy during this current stay-at-home order and this period of remote learning as we wait for further announcements!

Monday, June 7th at 6:30 pm- Virtual School Council:  If you are not on School Council and would like to attend please email Mr. Monaco for a link:

Albani, TonyWeekly Update May 31- June 4