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Weekly Memo Oct.12-16

St.Catherine of Alexandria School

Weekly Update for Oct.12-16, 2020


Help us to be thankful for one another. Help my children to be thankful for each other, for our family to be grateful for each member and to pray one another continually. Our gratitude for one another will bind us together as a family, and our prayers for each other will further unify us in gratitude and love.


  • Curriculum Night will be scheduled for October 15th! Our staff is currently planning their virtual experience. Each classroom teacher will have two live presentations. The first will be from 6:30pm- 7:00pm, followed by a second at 7:00pm-7:30pm. The presentation platform will be D2L (instructions on how to access this is below). You also will need to download Microsoft Teams onto your computer (free download).  Classroom teachers will be reaching out to our parent community via D2L.
  • D2L: Our aim is to start the year using D2L to help students become proficient using technology to support their learning.  D2L has been contracted by the Ontario Ministry of Education to provide a safe virtual learning environment for all Ontario school boards.
  • To set up your Parent Portal account: At the bottom of this page you will see step by step instructions.

Go to:

This link will bring you to the Welcome Login Page.

The username is the email address that you have provided to your child’s school.

Click “Forgot Password” to receive an email with a password reset link.

Once you have created a password you will be able to access the site and see all of your children registered in an HCDSB school.

The Parent Portal on D2L will work on phones, tablets, and desktops – so you can stay connected wherever you are.  We appreciate your support and look forward to an exciting year!

  • It is important that you have D2L set up at home in order for you to access our Virtual Curriculum Night.  
  • Christ the King High School Updates: Christ the King will be hosting the following information nights later this month (see below)
  1. AP Information Night- Thursday October 22nd @6:30pm

Parents must register at:

A link for a pre-recorded presentation will be sent to registered parents and posted on our website and twitter that evening.

Juliana Gligoric has informed me that a synermail will be sent out by the board on October 14th to all of our grade 7 and 8 students within our Family of Schools to promote this evening.

  • Grade 8 Parent Information Night

Thursday October 29th @6:30pm

A link to a pre-recorded presentation will be posted on our website and twitter.

I can also forward this link that morning if you would like to send it out to your parents that evening.

  • As always please remember to spread out at Dismissal. Thank you for supporting our requests and only sending one parent to pick up, keeping pets off school property, and wearing your masks when you cannot be physically and socially distanced. We hope that the back playground zones are providing some space for parents when the sidewalks become crowded at the end of the day. Thank you for your ongoing patience and participation in our new expectations. We are all in this together and we all need to do our part to ensure the safety of everyone. Thank you for assisting each other in these reminders!
  • Finally, don’t forget that parents or guardians must complete the COVID-19 School Screening tool for your child(ren) before leaving for school each day. This is the latest version, updated on October 2nd reflecting the newest guidelines. Thank you to everyone for keeping your children home if they aren’t feeling well to help stop the spread of anything!
  • This weekend is our “Thanksgiving Day Weekend” with NO SCHOOL on Monday, October 12th. During this uncertain time, we hope that you find time with your immediate family to thank God for all that we do have. Stay safe and healthy!

Here are the steps parents (and students) need to take to get into their D2l site:



iii) Students will then have to enter their HCDSB email address into the ‘Username’ box and their 9 digit Password (provided in the email).

iv) Then select ‘Sign In’

v) Students will then arrive at a page that looks similar to this:

Other ways to log in:

1) DOWNLOAD the “Pulse” app on your device. * Please note that this is the only way to receive a direct notification that something has been posted on D2L.

2) If you’re child is already signed into their office account, click the waffle (or 9 dots) and it may be an option … or click “all apps”

Albani, TonyWeekly Memo Oct.12-16