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Weekly Update Sept.14-18

St.Catherine of Alexandria School

Return to School Update

Mon. Sept.14 – Fri. Sept.18th

Gracious God, we come to you at the beginning of this academic year
with our many feelings, expectations, fears and hopes.
Help us to remember, however, we have the comforting
assurance from you: “I will always be with you.”

Loving God, for all of us this is a time of transition. It is transition
from the work and leisure of summer back to the classroom.
It is transition from time spent with family and friends.
Give us patience with ourselves as we transition as well as
patience with one another.

Faithful God, this beginning is totally new for us.
Turn the sadness of leaving families to openness to new friends
and opportunities. Turn the anxiety about all that has been occurring  to a quiet confidence in the way you have blessed us in the past.
Give us a new perspective to see persons, events, and academic work as an
invitation to develop the many gifts you have given us to be used in service for others.

Bless our students with your gifts of awe and wonder at the friends they have made,
the way their minds and hearts have been changed, and the many opportunities
that lie ahead. Give them the gift of discernment to make the right choices about the future.

Finally, God, give to each member of the St.Catherine of Alexandria Community the seven
gifts of the Spirit: wisdom, understanding, right judgment, courage, knowledge,
reverence, and awe and wonder.


School Update:

Welcome back to St.Catherine of Alexandria Catholic School Community. We are very pleased to be back to school and back to a familiar routine.  As you are aware, for the first three days of School we had reduced number of students each day (staggered entry). This was helpful to prepare our students for many of the changes that have occurred inside the building, and to explain new routines with regards to safety, disinfecting surfaces, use of the washroom, eating lunch, and exiting and entering the building.

Beginning this Monday, Sept. 14th, our entire School community will be back in the building. Instead of having to line up on the back pavement each morning, students will have direct entry into the building beginning at 8:50-9:05 am each day. This means that students may enter through either of the doors at the back of the building.  Parents may not enter the building.  Staff members will be ‘on duty’, opening the doors for students as they arrive. Your child will enter the building and walk directly to their classroom. Students have been trained to stay at a socially safe distance when they come into the building, and as they traverse the hallways. In our shared hallways, we have directional arrows, and have split the halls in half.  Staff and students are permitted to walk in a specific direction in the halls to stay a safe distance away from one another. The Direct entry will help us to reduce the number of students outside at any given time, and to reduce the amount of exposure students have between cohorts.  For our purposes, a cohort it is defined as the students in any given homeroom class. We have diligently been working on amending old routines to reflect this new safety protocol.

Each day, Students will have two ‘Nutrition Breaks’. One will take place in the morning at 10:35 am, and one in the afternoon at 2:25 pm.  Each break will be 15 minutes in length and will take place inside. All students will stay in their homeroom class, and there will be teachers ‘on duty’ to ensure safety and supervision. Classroom teachers will be responsible for bringing their own class outside each day for fresh air, exercise, and for lessons connected to our curriculum. Over the lunch hour, students will remain in their classrooms while eating, but also go outside for some exercise to a specific section of the yard designated for their class.  During this time outside, it is especially important that students only stay with the students in their own classroom. This is a rule that we are going to be very strict about to ensure the safety of all students and staff in our community. Please speak to your child about the importance of staying only with their cohort during the school day. Students will be outside at least 3 times per day as they were in the past, but with an adjustment to supervision and the area of the yard that they will use. Areas of the yard will be rotated as to give all classes opportunities to play in different locations throughout the school year.

The school yard (pavement and field), has been divided and marked into several different sections this year. The purpose of this was to create one section per class. As such, the lunch hour still occurs between 12:05-1:05 pm, but approximately 9 classes will be outside at a time, with students staying in their own assigned section. As you can imagine, this means that some classes will be outside playing, while others will be inside eating. Once again, the design is to ensure that cohorts stay together and play together during the school day.

As you are aware, students in K-8 are required to wear masks each day. We have extra student masks if a child forgets or loses one.  Students are permitted to take off their masks inside while eating lunch, and once they step outside for activity time. A Ziploc bag has been provided to students so that they can safely place their mask inside it while outside. Hand sanitizer will be provided as students come back into the building to ensure hands are clean as they place masks back on.

At the end of the school day, students will be dismissed and travel through the hallways in a specific class order, so that everyone can exit the building in a safe manner. We will be using more exits this year to reduce the number of students leaving the building through any one exit.

If you have any further questions we invite you to the Return to School link: Return to School website

Updates for Monday, Sept.14- Friday, Sept. 18th

  • Whole School, in person learning begins today, Monday, Sept.14th
  • Students can enter building beginning at 8:50 am- 9:05, am and go directly to class
  • We encourage all students to stay at school for lunch
  • Students may go directly home for lunch, and parents are permitted to pick students up for lunch. We are discouraging students from going out as a group for lunch because we would like to avoid the mixing of different cohorts.
  • Virtual School Council Meeting- Monday, Sept.14th at 7:00 pm.
  • On-line, virtual classrooms – updates to parents will be sent home as soon as we receive the information to convey to you.
Albani, TonyWeekly Update Sept.14-18